Our Week in Review

It was a pretty good week that seemed to fly by! 

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and will be 26 on Monday. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going by! Although, I'm starting to feel more like 30+ weeks... I'm hoping the 3rd trimester isn't too rough on me!

My parents were in town this past weekend and it was so nice having them around. My poor mom, however, caught the stomach bug while she was here and was down for the count for a good 24 hours. I felt so bad because I knew it was killing her not to be able to play with Cam! She was feeling much better by Saturday night, so Bill and I were able to sneak out right before Cam's bedtime for a date night! It had been a while since we went out to dinner just the 2 of us. We went to Catch 35 in Naperville and shared the crab legs and fillet meal. It was soon good! I completely forgot to take any photos of my date night outfit, but ended up wearing this tunic with my maternity skinny jeans and booties. 

On Sunday after my parents left, Bill, Cam and I went for a little afternoon home decor shopping at a few stores. We ended up getting some new kitchen table chairs at World Market and I'm loving them. They are definitely more sturdy than our old ones and will hopefully last through having 2 boys!

This week I signed Camden up for swimming lessons starting April 2nd! I'm so excited! I got him a few new pairs of swim trunks to celebrate (from Target of course).

I'm slowly starting to scheme some ideas for his new room too. Below is what it looks like now. We decided to leave the paint color since it's a pretty neutral tone. I'm keeping all his grey and white decor the same, but hoping to add some pops of blue and green in there at some point. Since we had to leave all our window treatments at our old house (part of the contract), I had to find some new curtains for his room. I found these cute grey and white striped curtains at Target that go perfectly!

I also picked up a metal, industrial looking letter "C" from Hobby Lobby (below image) to hang above his crib instead of the wood letters that spell out his name that we had in the old nursery. I'm hoping we can hang some decor in his room this weekend or next. 

On Wednesday, we finally had our blinds installed on the first floor! Hallelujah! We no longer feel like we are living in a fish bowl!

I'm so looking forward to the holiday weekend!
We are leaving for Bill's hometown this afternoon and will stay there through Sunday. I can't wait to get Cam all dressed up in his cute little Easter outfit! Oh, and eat all the Easter candy... :) 

I hope you all had a great week!
Happy Easter weekend!


  1. You and Cam need to enjoy ALL of that candy mama! I love how everything is coming together and a big YAY for blinds! That has to feel so nice to have them up! I am counting down the seconds until we have ours. I feel like everyone stares right in! Can't wait to see the boys' rooms when they're all done! Have a great Easter! xo

  2. Those little swim trunks are the cutest! I'm glad your mom got better and was able to enjoy some time with the little man. Have a great weekend!


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