Plans for the Playroom

We have lived in our new home here in IL for about a month now and I'm slowly starting to scheme decor and organization ideas for each room. I have prioritized them by order of how much they are used each day (besides the kitchen, that one we will work on next year). The first on my list is the playroom in the basement. When we were house shopping, I knew I wanted a home with a designated playroom for Cam. Whether that be a finished basement, loft or bonus room. I was so happy to find that this house had a nice sized finished basement with a full bathroom attached. So, we set up all his toys in the basement with a small tv and the easy chair we had in our old basement. We blocked off a large area by stretching out our old play pen across the wall. There's still a nice sized area right when you come down the stairs that will be eventually an adult TV area. 

Here's what it looks like now:

It's kind of a long and narrow shape that curves in the back to a little 'nook.' I think the back area would be a perfect little reading or craft area. I'm hoping to get Camden a little toddler table and maybe one of those teepees for reading at some point.

First things first... we desperately need some toy organization! I'm still using some of our plastic bins we used for moving to hold his toys. And now he has figured out how to climb into them! I think these ikea shelving units and different colored bins would be perfect for toy storage and organization. I would move the small tv to sit on the top of the shelving unit and get rid of the small tv stand. 

The lighting in the basement is not ideal (I hate over head lighting) and the fact that there's really no windows doesn't help either. I'd like to add a few more lamps to the room to add to the ambiance and lighting situation. 

We would also like to add a kid friendly couch for better seating along the side wall facing the shelving units/tv. Of course, I'd love to add a fun rug and some wall decor at some point as well. 

Here are a few photos I've pinned for inspiration:

sources: 1 | 2 | 3&4

Here is my current wishlist for the playroom:

ikea shelves | grey and white stripe bins | number bins | bookshelf | map poster | bean bag chair | map rug | play teepee | toddler table

I'm really hoping we can get most of it done before baby #2 arrives!
I will post progress as we go!

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  1. You have such a nice big space for the play room! Love all your inspiration pictures and I can't wait to see what you do with it. Those Kallax units are great and I'm dying to get another one for our playroom!

  2. Love this space! Perfect for Camden and new baby brother.

    I would definitely set up an area for you and your husband, be it in a corner or one another side of the room like you thought. One thing we used for Sophie was a sauder bookcase and it has been a dream for us, it's low enough for her to get into (if she wants to climb into it) but heavy enough that the sheer weight of her climbing into it won't tip it over. In the middle part we put toys that are bulky like her xylophone.

    Sophie also has a chair similar to this and because I'm short I can sit in it comfortably too. And it's easy for Sophie to move around the room too. That was a plus for us, her being able to move her furniture around was something we wanted. Also we got the ikea latt table and stained it. I think I like this table more though....the ikea has a lip around the entire table because of how it's built so if Sophie spills something and it goes all over the table we have to make sure it doesn't get into the cracks.

    liz @ j for joiner

  3. This will be such a cute and functional room when it's finished!

  4. cute ideas! i'm hoping we have space for a playroom wherever we end up renting. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. Love your inspiration pictures! It's so hard when you move, everything takes so much time - but I'm sure when you do design it, it will be fab!

  6. love your ideas!!

  7. Once you've got some storage cupboards or shelving up against the wall and some sofa or kid's furniture in there, things will really start to shape up, just wait and see! Try to keep as much space as possible though! The kids will need the room to run around!


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