Random Thoughts for Thursday

Just thought I'd share some random thoughts/rants/confessions with you all on this Thursday...

1 - I am absolutely sick of cold weather. I'm so ready for the temps to get up in the 70s and 80s. Looking at the average temps for IL, it looks like that won't happen until June! Ugh... I know we've had a mild winter, but I'm ready for summer weather!

2 - It's been really difficult to drop off Cam at daycare 3 days a week. He almost always cries when I leave and it breaks my heart. I know this is just a tough age and he is just in a 'mommy' stage. I went to daycare/baby sitters when I was his age and I'm not emotionally scarred (at least I don't think so). And I know there are so many parents out there that take their kids to daycare 5 days a week. I guess I just have to toughen up and hope that he will soon adjust.

3 - Although drop off is the worst part of my days during the week, once I get home to an empty/quiet house I feel like I am so productive! I'm able to get all my work done and house chores, errands, etc. I  hate feeling selfish about taking him to daycare and not staying home with him, but the trade off has been great for me mentally and physically (chasing around a toddler at 6+ months pregnant is exhausting!).

4 - Speaking of exhausting... Camden has been cutting a molar this week, which has not been fun for anyone. His nose is a constant drip, which also makes him cough at night. He's extra whiny and has been waking up at 5:30am for the past 3 days... Pass all the coffee... oh wait, I can't have too much caffeine... Torture! Seriously, teething is the devil.

5 - Picking out paint colors for our house has been a much more difficult task than I expected. Maybe it's because we are hiring painters to do it and I know once the color is up we are not going to be able to repaint even if we wanted to. It's like picking a name for your unborn child! I've got our master bedroom color picked out (SW Evening Shadow, a very light/cool toned grey.), but still have to decide on the family room, entry, halls, dining room and our master bathroom. Hoping to finalize our colors this next week! Painters are coming the 2nd week of April!

6 - I'm coming to the realization that we probably won't have the nursery done by the time baby #2 gets here and I'm ok with that. Being that this is our 2nd, I know you don't necessarily need to have a complete nursery the day the baby is born. Camden didn't even try out his crib until around 2 months and even then it was only for a few hours at a time. I'm hoping to at least have a glider in the room. That is the one piece of furniture I know I will be using a lot. I'm also contemplating putting our extra double mattress in the baby's room so I can sleep in there with him for the first few months until crib training starts. That way he can get used to sleeping in the same room every night. We'll see!

7 - It has been decided that I will be staying home with our babes after baby #2 comes. Putting 2 kids in daycare with my part time salary just doesn't make sense. I am extremely nervous/anxious about being a full time sahm with 2 babes under 2!! Any advice from current stay at home moms of 2 is welcome! Mostly ways to keep my sanity... I know we will have a lot of help from family the first month or so after baby gets here, but I'm nervous for after the help is gone and I'm alone with the 2 of them. It's hard enough to wrangle a toddler and our dog when I'm alone with them. I did just order this wrap and I'm hoping to have better luck with baby wearing this time around bc I think it will really help with being alone with the 2 of them.

8 - I am officially in a fashion rut. I have used the excuse of being pregnant and moving for not buying any new clothes recently. I've bought a few tops and one extra pair of maternity jeans in the past 2-3 months. I've been living in maternity leggings and over sized tunics and sweaters for pretty much my entire pregnancy and when I'm home, that changes to over sized sweats and Bill's t-shirts. I used to be so excited about getting dressed on work days and even trying to look put together on days I'm home with Cam. Then, this winter with being pregnant and everything else going on, I just gave up. I'm hoping the warm weather that hopefully we will have soon will help motivate me to beef up my spring wardrobe!

9 - I have been so bad about planning meals for the week. Bill has been out of town the past few nights for work and I just used that as an excuse not to plan for dinner. I had gram crackers and animal crackers for dinner on Tuesday night... no joke! Plus, I've been getting some pretty bad heartburn at the end of the day, so I'm trying not to eat too heavy at dinner anyway. But really... I need to get better at planning meals! Can someone please write a post on how you plan meals for the week?

Those are my random thoughts/rants/confessions for now! I'll be back tomorrow with a little recap of our week! 

PS - I hope I wasn't too much of a Debbie downer in this post. I really feel so lucky to have the life I do! Just feels good to vent every now and then, right?


  1. You are not a downer! You have a lot going on and a lot of changes and things to think about! It's so hard, but everything is going to be good and running smoothly for you before you know it! I always try to tell myself it's just a stage... it's just a stage. And think of the wine you can have so soon!

  2. You are not a downer at all! I take my babe to daycare 5 days a week and he cries when I try to get him to leave these days. He loves seeing his friends and playing all day! It's good for both of us, but I kind of wish I could stay home with him at the same time. I thought paint colors were hard to choose too, but I really like the BM Coventry Grey we picked!

  3. ummm..you have a had a lot of change in your life and add prego hormones on top of that..I think its okay for you to vent!! haha! Hang in there!!! FYI...meal planning will be on the blog TOMORROW!!! :)

  4. This is the hardest time of the year for me - I'm soooo ready for warmer weather, but we really do have to wait a couple more months for consistently higher temps. It's the worst! And I do my meal planning on Sunday nights, grocery shop on Monday for the week and love it. I've written a few posts about it before if you want to search for them on my blog!

  5. Awe, we totally understand that you have to vent every now and then! I'm sure being a full-time SAHM will be an adjustment, but if it means anything to you, my mom was home with me my entire life, and I wouldn't have it any other way - I attribute that to why we're best friends! I'm excited to hear about what other paint colors that you pick out, and hopefully daycare dropoff gets easier on you!


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