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Valentine's Day Soiree!

Since this weekend was pretty uneventful, I thought I'd share with you some inspiration I've been putting together for a friend's Valentine's Day cookie decorating party! There's nothing better than a pretty decorated red or pink V-day cookie, right?!
One of my friends had the idea to host a mother/daughter a cooking baking and decorating party for Valentine's Day! Isn't that so sweet?! I am helping with decor and other fun theme ideas!
Here's what I got so far:

Cute heart straws via etsy...

This pretty pink heart garland via etsy...

I'd like to get a cute mug like this one {via West Elm} and fill it with goodies for all the guests...

Thinking about doing a little crafty and making a hanging X's and O's sign {much like this one} over the treat/drink area...

I'm excited to share photos of the event with you in a few weeks!

Do you have anything fun planned for V-day?

Happy Monday!



  1. what a fun party to plan!! can't wait to see pics!

    1. I'm excited! I love V-day inspired parties, so girly :) xoxo, L

  2. Thanks so much for the link!!! Love your blog, it's gorgeous!


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