Hello December!

I can't believe it is already December, folks! Wow, have the last few weeks just flown by! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Rumple family. I was so excited to get our tree on Friday!

I just love the smell of a REAL Christmas tree! This year we picked out a very full Douglas Fir tree. We usually get a Fraser Fir, but I have heard that Douglas Fir trees are more fragrant. However, their needles shed more :/ I've already had to vacuum around it a few times. 

I will post the final product after we decorate it tonight! I love decorating the tree together :)


It's time to write down my goals for December...

1 // Organize the house! We have some very generous friends and family that gave us wonderful gifts for the wedding... Now, it's the daunting task of figuring out where everything is going to go! Maybe we need a bigger house :) jk...

2 // Re-open the Etsy shop! It has been closed for a little over a month now for the wedding. I do miss creating and crafting. It's time for some new ideas for items to sell too... I might be selling some items from my wedding... more to come!

3 // Get back on a healthy diet + workout routine... Guys, I have gained back all the weight I lost for the wedding in just 3 weeks. It is so sad how fast it can come back! I am excited to try out the new juicer and maybe do a cleanse? 

4 // Get all my name change chores completed... the not so glamorous part of getting married...

5 // Get back into blogging regularly... I have missed it! So many new ideas for posts!

That's all for now... What are your December goals?

xoxo, L

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