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I still can't believe my baby is turning 1 this week! I keep hoping that time will stand still for a few days, but I know the rest of the week will fly by and before I know it Cam will be smashing cake and frosting into his face (or throwing it on the floor for Charlie our dog).

When it comes to dressing baby boy the past 6 months, we've definitely stuck to our basics. Old Navy, Target and Carters are our go to for comfy and classic baby boy clothes. I have to say that I've actually had a lot of fun dressing Camden over the past year and even though he still hates outfit changes, the boy looks so sweet in those little duds!

Old Navy typically hits it out of the park when it comes to baby boy clothes. We love their plaid/flannel shirts that are available now. We also love ON's baby jeans! I love this pair that is dark wash and has an elastic band on the back for more comfort. ON always has the cutest graphic onesies! Their onesies are also the softest, stretchiest ones we've tried. Another ON favorite are the baby leggings! These are great for just play time during the day. I like that they are a little snug so he is able to move around a bit more than other pants. 

Of course, Target is another go to. That baby section always gets me! We found this adorable sweater (ps - it has elbow patches!) recently, that I'm pretty certain will be his Thanksgiving sweater! I also just bought these PJs and they are so cozy feeling! It's been so hard to find the footie, zip up PJs in his size (currently wearing 18mo), but Target has a great selection of them right now. 

Carters has always been another favorite baby shop. I got this pack of long sleeve onesies and he practically lives in these and baby leggings during the day. It's just so easy and comfortable for him. I also love these little sneaker socks! They're perfect to throw on him if we are running errands. If I try to put shoes on him, he always takes them off! Speaking of shoes, we are in need of a good pair of winter boots. I saw this pair on the Carter's website and may have to get them. How cute would they be with baby jeans and the flannel shirt?!

Shop Camden's favorite clothes below:

What are your favorite stores/shops for baby clothes?


  1. I just got G that deer sweater and it is the CUTEST! We definitely buy similar boy clothes so I totally approve of everything on this list ;)

  2. Such cute picks! You can never go wrong with ON, Target & Carters!

  3. That buffalo plaid sleeper is perfect! I wish they had that in my size! lol

  4. The ON leggings are my favorite!! Matthew lives in those and Carters onesies pretty much every day now.

  5. i love all the plaid! Old navy is my favorite place to shop for Vi. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

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