I don't want to forget...

There once was a time when I would post monthly Camden updates. I would write about his weight, height, how much he's grown and what milestones he's crossed. Now that my baby is almost 14 months (whaaaaaaat?), I realize how these little numbers on a chart don't really mean as much as the memories we are creating. 

He is at such a fun age right now! We are really starting to communicate with him and it's so fun to see how his little brain operates and changes daily! He is constantly pointing to things and squealing with excitement. He points and sqeals when ever he sees our dog Charlie like it was the first time he'd seen a dog. It is truely the funniest and sweetest thing! These are the little tid bits I don't want to forget. He's also started to take some steps on his own here and there, but still doesn't seem to eager to walk yet, which I'm totally fine with. Take your tme baby!

What I don't want to forget about Camden at 13 months...
  • How he pokes his head up over the crib to greet me in the morning. 
  • The way he studies new objects.
  • The way he dances and sways to music.
  • The way his faces scrunches up in a smile and says "ahhh" when he sees a dog or cat or any furry animal.
  • The way he open mouth kisses and hugs his stuffed animals.
  • The way he lays his head down immediately when we say the phrase "night-night."
  • The way he giggles and squeals with delight when he plays with his daddy.
  • The way he smiles and points to his daddy when he comes in the room.
  • The way he smiles and points to Charlie (our dog) when he sees him.
  • The way he smiles at babies and other kids when he sees them.
  • The way his head smells after a bath.
  • How cuddly and sleepy he is when he wakes up or after a nap.
  • The way he will look at me in the eyes randomly while we are playing and then and smile.
  • The way he giggles when we tickle him. 
  • The way he runs around the kitchen in his 'car.'
  • How little his nose is and how blue is eyes are. I just want to kiss that face all day!
  • How he waives bye bye to me everytime I drop him off at Grandma and Grampa's.
  • How he says mama when he wants me to pick him up or when he's hungry.
  • The way he smiles when I open the car door and see him in his car seat. 
There are a million other things I want to write down to remember. I'm so glad with our technology now that we are able to take photos and video clips of our little ones so easily. Now, just tryin to organize those photos and videos is such a huge task! Something to work on in 2016 and before baby #2 arrives!


  1. I always try to write down the sweet things they do and say in my notes on my phone so that I can transfer it to a notebook later. They are the sweetest memories and Cam is definitely creating a ton of them for you guys! xo

  2. I have a notebook where I try to write down little things the boys do so I remember but it's hard so thank god for my phone and videos! This age from 1-2 is so much fun and they change so much! Enjoy all those little moments, especially before baby #2 arrives


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