Moving Week!

I can not believe moving week is here... I'm still in denial that we are moving 2 states away in just a few short days. Movers come tomorrow to pack everything, then they will load everything on Thursday. One thing that is saving us from being too stressed is that Bill's new company has hired a moving company (as part of his relocation package) that will pack everything for us and will load and store it all until we are at our new house, which will be Saturday morning. I could not imagine trying to pack our whole house right now! All we have to do is take stuff off the walls and pack our own suitcases with anything we will need for the few days in-between and anything valuable (jewelry, photos, keepsakes, etc) that we do not want the movers handling, so that's what I've been slowly working on today. We plan to stay with Bill's parents for a night then, we will be driving to Plainfield, IL for our closing on Friday and staying in a hotel that night. Movers will deliver our things on Saturday morning. 

My parents hosted a lovely little going away brunch for us this past Sunday. My mom's side of the family was mostly there. My mom put together a cute little basket of goodies for us and had everyone sign a print of Ohio and 2 cute little "Somebody in Columbus loves me" onesies for the boys. It really started to hit me that I probably wouldn't see these people (besides my parents) for a while... 

As I pack up some of Camden's keepsake items, I'm realizing that he probably won't even remember this house and it makes me so sad. This is the house where Bill proposed, where we brought Camden home from the hospital, where he had all of his 'firsts' so far... 

I'm so excited for this new adventure for our family, but can't help but start to be a sentimental thinking about leaving our little ranch home for the last time... 

Wish us luck! This week will be a whirlwind I'm sure, so probably won't be posting for a bit. However, I'm very excited to update you all on our new home when we get settled!

Oh, and PS - I'm 21 weeks and feeling so much better now! Just in time for this crazy moving week!


  1. good luck with the move!! that's awesome you have movers helping out! you don't need to be dealing with that stress. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Girl I feel for you! This is a hard, crazy, fun, sad time all at once. When I was pregnant with Greyson we moved out of the home we got engaged in, Avery's first space and where we lived when we got married. It was emotional, but it's all up and up and getting in your new space will be SO exciting and it is so hard to see people with two little ones so you will see them almost the same amount of time I bet!!!

  3. Ahhh I'm so excited for you guys!! I totally understand feeling sad and sentimental about leaving your first house. You have so many memories there but you're going to make so many new ones in your new space. Can't wait to see the new house!

  4. Just swung by to see if you'd made any updates about moving! So exciting!! I hope everything goes smoothly for y'all the rest of the week & over the weekend!

  5. good luck with the move! we hired movers on our last move, and it was so nice to have the help!!


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