What I Actually Used From My Hospital Bag

I had planned to publish a "What's in my hospital bag" post before Bennett arrived and never actually got around to it. I'm so glad I'm posting this now after I had him because I can actually share exactly what I used (and didn't use) from my bag. I definitely think I over packed a bit, but of course it's better to be safe than sorry. 

|| FOR ME ||
First, since I knew I was having another c section, I packed mostly night gowns instead of shorts or pants because they were just more comfortable for recovery. This sleep shirt (I have it in black) is so soft and is perfect for nursing moms as well since it buttons down. As soon as we got to our room after the recovery room, I changed into these PJs just to feel more comfortable. 

I also got a ton of use out of the 2 robes I brought. I love this one from this etsy shop (they also have non maternity robes) because it has a fun, floral pattern and is so soft and light weight. I also used this plain black one from Target a lot as well. 

Since it felt like I was nursing non-stop, I wore this nursing night gown a lot as well as this nursing tank and these nursing bras.

I also packed a few 'forgiving' shift style dresses to wear for the ride home. I packed a few options so I could try them on and decide which would be best (be the most comfortable). One good thing about having a baby in the summer is that you can wear flowy dresses after baby! I ended up wearing a comfy tee shirt style dress (similar style here) for the ride home. 

Other items that I used were:
flip flops (for walking around and for in the shower)
+ make up/toiletries/hair dryer/straightener
+ chap stick and hand lotion
+ iphone + charger
Nikon DSLR camera with 50 mm lens and charger
+ hair ties, clips and bobby pins (I wore my hair up a lot because I was sooo hot the whole time. I was literally drenched with sweat almost every night. The nurses said it was due to my hormones trying to regulate)

|| FOR BABY ||

I definitely brought too many outfits for Bennett to wear forgetting that they mostly are in the little half t shirts and swaddles for the first week or so of life while they still have the umbilical cord attached to their belly button. I also didn't really have the energy to wrestle him into too many outfits, so I actually only changed him into one outfit which was his going home outfit. 

I did however, use the extra swaddle blankets I brought (which are included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!) and actually wish I would have brought more! I loved posting his birth announcement photo with his personalized swaddle blanket form Jennifer Ann Style.  

I also loved dressing him in his little going home outfit, booties and personalized cap for his first car ride. 

Other items I used for baby B:
+ burp cloths (used these a lot)
+ beanies/caps
+ baby socks
+ fuzzy baby blanket (I used this propped under him for nursing a lot!)
+ pacifiers

I also wanted to give you a list of what I took from the hospital:

+ diapers
+ wipes
+ nasal aspirator
+ beanie
+ baby shirts
+ Vaseline and gauze
+ hospital underwear (I asked for extra pairs)
+ pads
+ abdominal binder

Honestly, take as much as you can get! You will be sad when those hospital underwear run out, because regular underwear just isn't as comfortable.

And there you have it! 

Mamas, was there anything that I didn't list that you used while in the hospital?


  1. Those robes are so cute! I wish I had one of those in the hospital and the underwear was hands down my favorite part lol!

  2. Totally agree on stocking up at the hospital! I totally over packed for my section, and honestly ended up being in a robe the entire time!

  3. I packed way more clothes than I needed! I stayed in the hospital gown a lot longer than I thought I would and then really only wore my robe/PJs afterwards. And the mesh underwear... a god send!

  4. i remember i wish i packed more snacks!! haha hospital food is the worst. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. I cleaned OUT that hospital room as we left-so glad I did!


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