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BeautyCounter Review | Products I've Tried

I've been using a handful of Beautycounter products for the past couple of months and have recently purchased a few BC products as well. If you don't know what Beautycounter is, I highly suggest going to their website here and reading their Our Story page as well as the Never List. Bottom line (Cliff notes version) is that we need to be a bit more cognizant of what beauty products we are using and what ingredients are in them. The FDA does not currently regulate ingredients in beauty or skin care product industry (including sunscreen!) so, companies can literally put anything they want in their products including harmful chemicals and toxins.

When Amy reached out to me late last year regarding BC, I was a little skeptical at first. I thought to myself, 'Is this just another 'moms that sell stuff' fade/pyramid scheme? Is she going to try to convince me to sell stuff?' I was also in a bit of sticker shock when I looked at the prices of the products on the website. However, the more I read about the company, their mission statement, and the fact that they are working to advocate for safer beauty and skin care products in the U.S., I became intrigued. 

I made a goal for 2018 to do my own research on a skin care routine that would work for me. Before this year I really didn't have one (yikes!). I would typically just take my make up off at night with a make up wipe and maybe put some face lotion on before bed... that was it! Now that I'm in my mid 30s (gulp), I know it is definitely time to invest in my skin. So, I asked Amy if I could try out some of the skin care products. I've also tried out their lip sheers (I now own one!), lip glosses and have purchased an spf stick. She recently let me try out some make up products that are included in the 'Flawless in Five' promotion they are offering currently. I wanted to give you all my full and HONEST opinion on these products since I feel it is my duty to do so!

*Just FYI - I myself do NOT sell Beautycoutner. I do not plan on selling BC products or to become a consultant. This is not a sponsored post, however, Amy did provide me with samples of some products to try out. I am using affiliate links for the items I've suggested below, so I will get a small commission if you purchase any of these products. And as always, I feel responsible to give my readers my full and honest review!

Here's what I've tried...

Skin Care

+ Countermatch Line: Amy gave me travel size samples of the Eye Rescue Cream, Adaptive Moisture Lotion, Intense Moisture Serum and the Recovery Sleeping Cream. She gave me these samples back in January and I am still using them every day! The fact that these little sample sizes have lasted me more than 3 months, tells you that the full size products will last you a long time!

I have been using the eye cream and the recovery sleeping cream just about every night before bed. I have been mixing a few drops of the intense moisture serum to the sleeping cream a few times a week. I occasionally will use the adaptive moisture lotion on my face after I wash it in the morning.

Since using these products, my skin has felt SO much more hydrated through out the day. I think that it has helped with my overall complexion since my skin is typically a bit on the dry side. Since these sample sizes have lasted me this long I haven't bought any full size versions of these products yet. However, I am almost out of the Recovery Sleeping Cream, so that will most likely be my next BC purchase!

*She also just gave me some samples of the Body Moisturizer and the Cleansing Milk which I just started using this week and so far I love them!

+ No. 1 Brightening Face Oil: This oil was my free gift when I signed up for their Band Of Beauty Membership (visit this link to find out more about the membership program). The oils are definitely on the pricey end, but I have seen a HUGE difference in my skin tone and complexion since I started using this oil. And I've had it for at least 4 months now and the bottle is not even a third of the way empty. So, I would say it is an investment, but these oils last forever since you only use 1 or 2 drops at a time. I use this oil at night (1 or 2 drops) maybe twice a week before or mixed in with the Recovery Sleeping Cream and my face feels so much more hydrated when I wake up in the morning.

I also have a sample of the No. 3 Balancing Charcoal face mask that I'm excited to try out tonight! I will be wearing the mask for our Facebook Live event at 9pm (est)! (You can join the event as well here)

Make Up

Flawless in Five: Amy graciously gave me samples of each product from their Flawless in Five promotion. So, I was able to sample the Tint Skin (in shade: Linen), the Touch Up Skin Concealer Pen (in shade: Light), the Color Define Brow Pencil, the Volumizing Mascara, the Powder Blush Duo (in 'Tawny/Whisper')  and the Lip Gloss (in shade: Bare Shimmer). Right now, you can buy all six of these products for $150 ($200 value).

I loved this easy, quick make up routine which gave me just enough coverage for an everyday look. I literally was able to apply all 6 products in less than 5 minutes. This would be a great combo for busy, working or stay at home moms, college students, jet setters, and really just anyone that just wants or needs the bare minimum when it comes to everyday make up.

Stand outs for me out of this group were the Volumizing Mascara, the Powder Blush Duo and the Lip Gloss! The mascara has a really nice formula and I loved the shape of the brush! It really helps with adding volume to the lashes. The Powder Blush Duo in Tawny/Whisper was just the perfect blush color for spring and the lip glosses are SO good! They smell like a vanilla cupcake!

The only make up product that I have purchased myself, is the Lip Sheer in Petal. And I have been using it everyday ever since I received it! It makes my lips feel so moisturized and the color is the perfect pink shade for spring! I would definitely call this more of a tinted lip moisturizer than a true lip stick. If you want something more pigmented that lasts longer, I would suggest trying out their new lip sticks.

I also just received a sample of the Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage (in No. 2) and I loved it! This is most comparable to the Maybelliene BB Cream with spf that I currently have been using everyday. The Dew Skin, however, definitely leaved my face feeling more hydrated throughout the day!


I also recently tried out the new Make Up Wipes and I will say, they are not my favorite. I did not like the smell of them and they weren't as 'wet' as I felt like they should be in order to remove my make up. BUT, they did leave my skin feeling more hydrated than after use than the ones I'm currently using (Target brand). The main benefit is that they are biodegradable and are made with more natural ingredients than the ones I currently use.

I also recently purchased this Protect Stick Sunscreen spf 30. After all the hoopla last year about the dangerous and toxic chemicals that are found in some sunscreens, I definitely made it a point to do my homework on buying sunscreen for this season. I plan to keep this stick on me at all times so I can apply when needed on myself AND it is safe enough to use on the boys as well!

In summary, does this mean I am going to buy all BeautyCounter products to replace everything I'm using? Answer: Simply, no. I do plan on swapping out the main offenders, such as skin care, face lotion, oils, sunscreen and lip products. I may or may not switch out any of my make up products besides the lip products. I like to think of it like my diet... I try to eat 'clean' as much as possible, but does that mean I don't have a cheat meal or snack every now and then? No. I mainly am focused on investing in my skin care regimen so those will most likely be the main products that I, myself, will purchase.

Products in my cart for my next purchase: The Eye Rescue Cream, The Recovery Sleeping Cream and possibly some more spf products.

Phew.... that was A LOT! If you are interested in hearing more about BeautyCounter and the products I've been using, make sure to join our Facebook LIVE event tonight at 9pm! I will be wearing the charcoal face mask and drinking wine, so that will be a sight to see! All you have to do is hop on your computer and comment/ask questions in your jammies!


Hope to see you all tonight!

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  1. I'm a big BC fan! The charcoal mask is great and I need to try the Countermatch line!


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