Monday Motivation...

That's right... I'm back in action with a little motivation for this chilly, fall Monday. It comes at a time in my life when I need motivation and positive thoughts BIG TIME. 

I had my first real "Bridal Breakdown" yesterday and I'm still trying to get my head back in the game. I have been cool, calm and collected for so long and now that we've got a little less than 3 weeks to go, my to-do list is not dwindling as fast as I would have liked. On top of that, this seating arrangement stuff is killing me...Last minute guest additions and people that we STILL have to follow up with to find out if they are coming or not. It's enough to make a type A, control freak, planner, bride-zilla to go CRAY CRAY! 

When my dad asked me to count the guest list in front of him because he didn't trust my math I lost it! Big croco-dilly tears and reverted back to my high school days when he would just look at me in disappointment and I would bust out in tears... he didn't mean any disrespect and quickly realized how upset and stressed I was and apologized. It just was the straw that broke the camels back. The tears kept coming for a good hour and I had to leave to try to catch my cool again. I just drove for a while and tried to breathe. I went to Jo Ann's to get some more ribbon for a project and I'm sure everyone there thought I was high or sick or something. My eyes were still swollen and red, make up worn off. 

I took the rest of the day off. That's right, I took Sunday off of work, off of wedding planning and projects, off of house chores, off of worrying and list making, etc. I just sat on the couch with Bill and 'watched football' (insert played on my phone and zoned out). Bill asked what he could do to help and I gave him the task of putting tags on our ceremony exit horns. It was the sweetest thing to watch him tie pink twine around the gold sparkly horns while watching football. My heart felt at ease. I knew everything would be OK. 


Sometimes we just need to take a breather and know that things will work out on their own. I need to realize that people are willing to help, so I need to give up some control. I need to take some time to myself and relax before I go crazy. 

I found this free download yesterday from Design Love Fest designed by Lauren Essl. I immediately downloaded and made it my new desk top.

Sometimes, us control freaks think we can do everything ourselves. However, we quickly realize that we are only one person with 2 hands and 1 brain. Once I asked for help, I actually felt so much better. I am going to keep this on my desk top as a reminder that it is OK to ask for help. 

Happy Monday Loves!

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  1. Cute quote for Monday! Definitely something to think about


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