Pink Tea Roses

Hey there! 

Just wanted to drop in and share some pretty photos of our pink tea roses we planted in our front yard.

If you are looking for an easy to take care of flower to plant, these pink tea roses have bloomed beautifully for us with only a few waterings (is that a word?) a week. Of course, it has been raining here a lot so that helps...

I picked a few the other day and noticed they had some dark pink discoloring on them. 
Not sure if this was from the cold recently or the rain?? But, it made them look like they were tie dyed!

Oh, and here's a random photo of Charlie... he needs a bath and a blow out badly!!

Can you believe this liitle guy went from 2.5 lbs in late March to over 7 lbs now?!!
Our little baby is growing up so fast! :(

That's all for now on this Random Wednesday!

I'm linking up with Shanna today!


  1. They are so pretty and fresh - I love the hints of darker pink they get too!

  2. Those roses are beyond gorgeous! And I wanna give your puppy some major snuggles! So cute!

    xo Kylie

  3. These are BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait to move out of the city so I can garden! Definitely remembering these so I can plant them, too :)


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