5 on Friday

So happy Friday is here! 

The weather here in Columbus, Ohio has been glorious the last few days which makes me so excited for the weekend!

I'm also excited to celebrate my Mothers this weekend! This year I get to celebrate Mother's Day with my Mom and Mother-In-Law! I am so lucky to now have TWO amazing women in my life that inspire me everyday!

Here are five things that I'm loving this week:

1 // Covergirl BB cream... I am addicted to this stuff and put it on every morning! It is perfect for everyday use and goes on like lotion. There are 10 skin friendly benefits in this little bottle including SPF 21 and is tinted for the right amount of coverage that won't clog pores. 

2 // Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter... This stuff is also addicting! I got 2 new colors: Berry Smoothie and Sorbet. They seriously feel like butter on my lips! 

3 // My new monogram necklace from this Etsy shop! I got the 16" chain which is the perfect size for layering and everyday wear. 

4 // I recently started noticing these Kendra Scott earrings everywhere and decided I needed to track them down. I found a couple pairs that I feel like I need to be mine ASAP! Which pair is your favorite?

Danielle earrings in neon pink // Deily earrings in white pearl // Skylar earrings in chalcedony

I'm also loving this neon pink pendant necklace:

5 // Finally, I gotta give props to my momma!  It's so amazing how much she's become more like a best friend than a mom as I get older. She even helps puppy sit Charlie during the week and leaves little report cards and recipes she cuts out from magazines she thinks I would like :) 
She's the best!

That's all for this weeks Friday 5!

I'm linking up with April, Lauren, JennieRebecca and Amanda!


  1. aww love that pic of you and your mom! and i think i like the pink earrings, but they are all gorgeous! and i need to try all of your beauty picks haha

  2. Your post just reminded me that I need to pick up another lip butter or two-- the sorbet color looks like it would be so pretty for summer! I had never heard of Kendra Scott until a few weeks ago- but I keep seeing such gorgeous jewelry from her! Have a great weekend!

  3. I just found your blog today and wanted to let you know you have a new daily reader! Can't wait to see your upcoming posts!

  4. Stopping from the link up! I keep seeing BB cream everywhere but I apparently live under a rock and don't use it or know too much about it. Do you use foundation on top of that?

  5. Ummmmm I need that pendant necklace it is so gorgeous!!!! I was eyeing those lip butters the other day how is their staying power? Thanks so much for linking up girlie!! xoxo

  6. Love the monogrammed necklace - I wear mine almost every day and you're so right -totally goes with everything!! Love the mint green Kendra Scott earrings! Hope you had a great weekend!


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