Thoughts on Becoming a SAHM + Why I Blog

*First, I just wanted to give you all a quick update since my post on Friday. I had my follow up appointment Friday and my BP was normal (whoo hoo!). They still want me to try to minimize activity as much as possible, but I'm not on any restricting bed rest at this point. I have my next appointment Wednesday. Fingers crossed we are still on schedule for the c section on the 28th! Thank you all who commented with concerns and well wishes!


Meet my new boss... He keeps me very busy, has a tight schedule with lots of over time... But, he's cute as can be! :)

My last official day of (part time) work was almost 2 weeks ago. We decided to continue taking Camden to daycare for the few weeks before baby #2 arrives just to give me a break and so that I can prepare his arrival on the 28th! Both sets of our parents will be coming in town to help with Camden and the new baby for 3 weeks (alternating weeks) which is wonderful! I remember wanting to be so independent with Camden and didn't ask for much help when he was a newborn. This time around I am taking any help I can get, especially since we will also have a toddler to take care of! Bill will also get a few weeks off of work which helps a lot. Every company should offer paternity leave!

With that said, I am nervous about when the help leaves. Most likely August will be tough since I will officially be on my own with 2 babes under 2 while Bill works during the week. As of right now, I can't imagine having the energy to do it, but of course I'm in my last few weeks of pregnancy and my energy level is so low at this point. I'm nervous about not getting any sleep (which I'm not really getting much now as it is) and then having to take care of a baby and toddler all day. I'm hoping that I have the patience of a saint!

However, I am excited to be with my babies all day everyday. I get to be a part of their learning process and we will make the best memories together. I also want to be a part of nurturing their sibling relationship. I can't wait until the boys are at the age when they can play together and like the same activities and toys. I know there will be fights and jealousy, that comes with the territory. But, it will be fun to see their relationship grow and evolve. 

I'm nervous that I will lose a sense of myself that I had even working part time. I guess it wasn't necessarily a 'career', but it was a piece of my life when I could connect with other adults (even though it was mostly via email working remotely). I was using a different part of my brain other than shapes, colors, letters, etc. It also gave me confidence and made me feel like I was contributing to our family financially. We have made a new budget going forward and of course, the first thing to go will be my miscellaneous, impulse purchases from Target and spending too much money on eating out. 

I am lucky in that I don't have to work. Bill has a great position and career that is able to support our family. Sure he has to make the occasional work trip and leave us for a night or 2, but other than that his job has been a blessing. We see his income as our family income and I am grateful that he is supportive in my decision to stay home with the kids. 

With that being said, I know I will need this little blogging space more than ever! It is my place to come and be creative, to connect with other like minded bloggers and mamas and to have a little piece of time to myself. I know that my 'me' time will be very scarce once I am home full time with 2 little ones. I am going to work out a schedule so that I can at least try to carve out an hour or so a few times a week to focus on this creative space of mine. It is still so important to me! I probably will only be able to post 2-3 times a week, but hopefully once things die down a bit and I get into more of a routine with them I can start posting 5 times per week again.

Anyways, without this post becoming too lengthy... I want to thank all my readers for sticking with me through this transitional period of life! Also, if there are any SAHM moms out there that have any advice for carving out 'me' time (especially those with 2 or more kiddos), please feel free to comment below!

Oh, and GO CAVS! (Even though I fell asleep before the game ended...oops!)


  1. Congratulations on your promotion! What an exciting time for you and your family! I am sure it will take some adjustments, but I know you can do it! Also, I am happy to hear that your BP was normal! Try to get some rest this week before baby #2 arrives!

  2. Your new boss is such a cutie! I'm excited for you and also very interested to hear your thoughts. We've been talking more and more about me going down to part time or maybe even full time SAHM, so I'd love to hear your perspective in a few months time. Until then, enjoy your last few weeks with Camden as an only child!

  3. I'm sure all your nerves and feelings about being a SAHM with two kiddos are completely normal. Knowing what a hard-working person/mom you are, I'm sure you'll handle it with grace and strength, even through those difficult times. I think being a full-time mother is the hardest job any person can take on and do, so I really admire you for the decision that you've made for you and your family. I know I wouldn't be as close to my mom if she wasn't home with me growing up!

  4. Congrats on deciding to stay home! It will be hard work, but once you get your routine down - it gets a lot easier :) and somehow we get the patience and energy to care for two little ones - supermoms! xx

  5. So excited for you, I can't believe how soon baby #2 is going to be here for you guys! Being a SAHM is so great, but it definitely takes some getting used to and I don't claim to have it figured out even with one kid! My tendency now with Henry is to fill up our calendar during the week with tons of activities and playdates, and I know that is probably going to have to change when baby #2 comes and we'll be spending a lot more time at home. I would imagine those first few weeks/months will be a little chaotic when every day is different, but eventually I'm sure you guys will find a routine that works for you and that helps so much! Right now for us, I try to have some days where we do things like grocery shopping/cleaning/staying home and then other days we go out and do fun stuff, and I find I'm happiest when we have a balance of both in a week :) But just try your best to give yourself grace and don't worry if you're not doing a ton of stuff at first and Camden has to watch TV - I know that's what Henry is going to be doing a lot of initially come October! Also, I go to a great moms group at a local church and I know they have similar ones all over the country - the one I go to is called Sprouts but they are more commonly called MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers and they're geared towards moms who have kids ages 0-5) Something like that is a great way to connect with other SAHMs and they're usually only once a week or once every other week so they're a good way to get out of the house! There is child care that Henry goes to (and loves!) while there is a speaker for the moms and most people who have little babies just keep them out of the nursery until they're a little older - but it could be a fun way for Camden to continue being around other kids his own age! And I totally agree, having the blog is such a great way to continue to maintain your own identity as a SAHM :) I don't have nearly as much time for it now as I did, but I can never completely give it up because I still enjoy it!

  6. Ahhhhh! You're only 8 days away! You may even beat me at this rate, lol! So glad to hear your BP is back to normal. And I think all of your feelings about being a SAHM are totally normal - I am staying home too and am SO thankful for the blog as I know it will give me that adult time/interaction that we need!

  7. He's going to be here so soon and you are going to do AMAZING! Two is no joke, but you will get a handle on it really quickly and get a good routine down. You had Cam really on a great routine so I know you will do the same with the baby. It's hard when people are always telling you how difficult two kids are but once you have a couple of weeks under your belt you won't be able to remember what it was like without one. I also highly recommend two hours every weekend to yourself for coffee (in silence) and a mani/pedi or browsing Target!

  8. You have the cutest and sweetest boss around! You are going to do an amazing job as a SAHM, your children will be thankful for all the time spend with their mommy! We will be here cheering you on too! Xo, Stephanie


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