Follow Up from My Last Post

First of all, thank you to those that commented on my last post. It is so comforting to hear from fellow mamas who know what it's like to feel a bit overwhelmed at times! This is why I love blogging so much, we can all relate to each other on a personal level and not just a surface level. Yes, I really love blogging about fashion, home decor, baby things, etc. But I really love sharing what's really going on and the 'real' side of life because I know that's what you all can relate to and those are the posts I love reading from other bloggers as well. And thank you Katie for giving me a shout out on your blog this week too! 

Love this boy to pieces!

Secondly, I really didn't want that post to come off like I was complaining about my life. I know I am extremely lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to be home with my boys full time. There are so many moms out there that wish they could stay home with their kids and I don't want to take this privilege for granted. I love my boys so much it hurts and I want to give them the best of me at all times. Because Bennett is so new and needs a lot of attention it's been difficult to divide my time between my newborn and toddler who also demands my attention constantly as well. 

However, being a second time mama I know that this is just a phase. Everything with babies is just a phase. I know he won't always be this fussy in the evenings. I know he will eventually be able to fall asleep on his own without being rocked or held. I know he will eventually sleep through the night (hopefully around 3 months like his brother did!). I KNOW it will get easier... But, right now it is tough! And sometimes we just need to vent! I'm so glad that so many other moms feel the same and it makes me feel a little less crazy. :)

For now, I am focusing on loving everyday I get to spend with my boys. I am going to make sure they both know how much I love them and hopefully we can all get through this 'tough' time together.

Oh and thank goodness for grandparents! Bill's parents came in town to help while Bill traveled for work for a few nights and it has been such a relief to have the extra hands around the past few days. Like, the fact that they took both boys and our dog for a walk to the park for an hour which allowed me to type this post is amazing! 

Yes, this is a tough phase, but we will get through it. And the best part about my new 'career' is seeing their smiling faces everyday!


  1. Such cute boys :) I do think the next time I have a newborn it will. (Hopefully) be easier because I will know it's a phase. You are doing a great job! I'm glad you get to stay home with them. I'm one of those working moms who would LOVE to stay home. But I'm sure it has challenges in its own ways to be at home full time. Enjoy the snuggles! :)

  2. That smile is just so precious! You are doing a great job!

  3. You should never apologize or say you are complaining, it is the hardest job in the world!!!


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