Life with 2 under 2 (and a few things that help me survive!)

(Brother shirts from this etsy shop)

Life with 2 under 2 is not for the faint at heart. It is a very busy, messy, sleepless life, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Actually, we've been lucky enough to have so much help and support from our parents that it hasn't been too unmanageable so far. This week is actually the first full week that we have the boys at home with no additional help. So far, we are surviving and the boys are alive and fed! Success!

Camden has been warming up to his little brother being around. Every time he sees Bennett, he says "Baaaaybeeeee!" in a really high pitched voice. He also loves to lean into his head to give him kisses and says "Mmmmmwaaaahh!" It is the sweetest thing! He also loves to point out all his facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, etc) and then proceeds to point to his same feature on his face. There have only been a few instances where have had to say 'no' and teach him the word 'gentle' in the past few weeks. Hopefully, that will get better over time!

Today, I wanted to share a few products that have made this new life with 2 under 2 a bit easier:

First, I do plan to finish Bennett's nursery someday. It is getting there! I can't wait to share photos when it's completely finished. I knew I wanted to add a cute, functional rug in his room. I loved the big, fuzzy white rug we had in Camden's old room. It was perfect for him to crawl around on and made the best photo background. However, it got so dingy and dirty over time that we decided to throw it out once we moved. Enter Lorena Canals rugs! These rugs are machine washable! Hello convenience and durability! I was so happy when the company contacted me to share their brand and products. I was drawn to this rug in particular (similar style) for the neutral tones (kind of the theme of baby B's nursery) and the cute polka dot pattern. It is the perfect size for his small room and just adds a touch of interest over the boring tan carpet. If you have little ones, or are starting to decorate a nursery, I suggest looking into these rugs! There are so many cute patterns and styles!

Although, I've mostly been at home with the boys, I'm hoping to venture out with both of them soon so I can get comfortable with it. We have gone on several family walks around our neighborhood with the double stroller. I'm so glad we invested in this one! I also love the Covered Goods carseat cover (also a nursing cover!) so that Bennett is shielded from the sunlight.

Also, thank goodness for baby wearing! Baby Bennett loves to be held and Camden just wants to go go go all day long, so this Solly Baby wrap has really come in handy!

Last, but not least, I am so happy that Binxy baby sent me this awesome shopping cart hammock! I haven't yet ventured to the grocery store with both of them, but I have gone with just Bennett and it makes shopping so much easier! Before I would put the whole carseat in the cart, leaving hardly any room for my grocery items. With the Binxy baby shopping cart hammock I can safely secure the carseat in the hammock, leaving more room in the cart for items. Later, when Bennett gets a bit bigger, I can just put him right in the hammock and not worry about bringing the bulky carseat! Genius!

If you have 2 little ones or are about to have your second, I highly recommend investing in the products listed above. Trust me when I say you will pay and arm and a leg to make your life just a little bit easier! :)

*I was provided a rug from Lorena Canals and a Binxy Baby ahopping cart hammock for this post. All views and opinions are my own.


  1. You are a champion! And these pictures are so cute!

  2. So so cute!! The boys are so sweet together already. Loved my Solly baby wrap so much too. More the second time around than I ever used it with my first!

  3. I NEED that shopping cart hanger in my life! That will make grocery trips so much easier. Glad the two boys are getting along already! How many months apart are they?


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