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Motherhood lately has been so fun! Exhausting...but, fun. I love that the boys are just starting to be at the age where they are starting to play with each other and like the same things. There's still a bit of a communication gap and of course I'm constantly playing referee with the toy tug-o-war. BUT, it is fun to see them laugh and play together. 

Camden is now almost 3 (he will be 3 on November 20th!) and Bennett will be 16 months on the 28th. I am so excited for the upcoming holiday season with these two. Having a one year old and a 3 year old at Christmas time will be so magical! I feel like this will be the first year Camden will actually 'get' the concept of Santa and Christmas morning. I can't wait to see their faces light up that day!!

Of course, it's not all rainbows and butterflies all the time. These ages... they are TOUGH! Bennett is just starting to show his toddler personality. Testing his limits, trying to get into everything he shouldn't, throwing his sippy cup and food on the floor... How quickly we forget about this stage! He is also SO stubborn (which I know he get from his father!). He wants to walk everywhere and goes straight towards the street when we are outside. When I try to hold his hand, he slaps my hand away as if to say 'I don't need your help!' He wants to do everything on his own! 

He's also starting to reach for all the door handles in the house which Camden just recently figured out so it's funny that Bennett is already doing this! Bennett has also cut a total of 6 teeth in the past few months and is currently working on his k9 teeth (the sharp ones on top). The drool has been non-stop! 

However, with those challenging times comes one of my favorite stages! Bennett loves to dance and whenever there is music playing he starts shaking his little hips back and forth! It's probably my favorite thing to watch! He also is so funny and loves to giggle! He is just starting to instigate wrestling with his brother which is so cute! They just roll around on each other and laugh!

He is also much more cuddly at this age than I remember Camden being. Especially right before bedtime and after naps, he just melts in my arms and I soak up every ounce of it! He also loves to blow kisses and says 'muaw!' when we say give me a kiss! It's the best! He is also up to saying over a dozen words! His little voice is so cute and I love that he wants to communicate with us!

Camden is also starting to creep slowly to that 'three-nager' phase I've been hearing about. He is constantly asking questions and wants to know about everything! He also still thinks all the toys in the house are his and Bennett is just borrowing them 😂

We are about 50/50 with the potty training situation, but he does really well at 'school' so I know he's ready. I think it's time for potty training boot camp one these next few weekends since we don't have too many plans. I was hoping to get him trained by the time he turns 3, so we've got a month!

Along with his 'three-nager' attitude, he also says some of the sweetest things! He will randomly look up at me and say 'you look pretty mommy!' 😊  I don't know who taught him how to say that, but I'll take it! And sometimes after I pick him up from school he will say, 'I missed you mommy!' which just melts my heart into a puddle everytime!

Both boys are on the same schedule now, only taking one nap in the middle of the day. It makes things SOOO much easier especially with planning out our day. We typically always go on an outing in the mornings when we are home. Even if it's just getting them outside to get some exercise. I love that we live across the street from a playground! That is definitely one of the main reasons we purchased our home. 

As cliché as the saying is, it is so true...

Yes, the days are looooong, but the years are SHORT! 

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  1. It is so amazing to live across the street from a playground! They are SO cute but the threenager stage is no joke (it passes faster with boys, I swear.) They sound like the best little buddies and I can imagine it's adorable when they wrestle.

    1. Yes, we are so lucky to live so close to the playground! And it is so cute when they wrestle lol!

  2. The boys are just too cute! It sounds like they’re at a fun stage in life, and I’m glad you’re soaking it all up. Pretty sure my heart would melt, too if my little boy told me I looked pretty! That’s so cute!

  3. So happy to hear that the throwing food on the floor is just a phase, ha! Hadley recently learned the word 'no' and that's all we've been hearing ;) But you are so right! These years are flying by already... and now you have me SO excited for Christmas!


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