Friday Five

Hey Friday! So glad to see you! First of all... did you guys know it was OCTOBER? Wow, that came up fast! This is probably my favorite 3 months of the whole year! First, Halloween which is so much more fun now with the boys. November is a busy month in the Rumple household with our anniversary on the 9th, my birthday on the 11th and Camden's on the 20th. And then it's Thanksgiving and THEN it's Christmas time!!! I'm going to try my best to savor this time because I always feel like these last months of the year go by so quickly! And then it's winter...whaa whaaaaaa....

Camden was sick a few days this week with a bad cold/virus, but he was able to bounce back after only a few days. Kids are so resilient! I feel like I've been playing catch up with work, house chores and blogging the last half of the week, but I'm looking forward to the weekend! Here are 5 things that got me through the week:

1. Since it's been warmer out, I've been on an iced coffee kick again. I really need to reign in my Starbucks addiction! I swear having that rewards app on your phone feels like it's just monopoly money or something. But, I started ordering my iced coffee with coconut milk and it is sooooo good! Who knew?! And yes, I treated myself to a venti iced coffee and chick-fil-a breakfast when Camden was home sick on Wednesday. I kind of fell off the 'diet' wagon, but I'm back on! It's crazy how one day of bad eating can really throw you off!

2. I found the perfect October nail color: Essie Gel Couture in 'Model Clicks'. I waited until October to go really dark with the polish. I feel like it's the best month of the year to have really dark nails!

3. My friend (Jen) opened her own online fashion boutique called Middle Sister Boutique and I am loving everything she has in her shop! You can follow her on instagram here or her facebook page here. Or you can browse and order through her online store here (there is a drop down menu at the top to switch categories). I ordered (and paid for, not sponsored!) this over sized plaid swing dress and I'm loving it! It also has pockets! I feel like it's the perfect holiday dress! (I am wearing a size medium for reference, but could have done a small probably. So, I would say this dress runs true to size).

Speaking of the holidays, I'm hoping to schedule our family photos in the next few weeks. I'm actually contemplating taking them myself (eeek). I just have to figure out our outfits. I always seem to be able to throw together our outfits the week before, but this year I'm struggling with what I want to wear. I was also thinking about writing a post about dressing for family photos. Would this be something you would like or would be helpful? Let me know in the comments!

4. Our contractors are finally starting on our house next week! If you've been following along, you know that we have some work we want completed in our main living area/great room before we paint. So, we've been living with this horrible lovely mustard yellow paint color all over the first floor of our house for almost 7 months now! Once the contractors complete the work (they are filling in large shadow boxes, hard to explain. Watch my instastories for updates!), then it will finally be time to paint! I'm so excited to have this project completed! I was hoping it would be done by Christmas, fingers crossed!

5. We are headed to Bill's hometown tomorrow morning to help celebrate his nephew's 1st birthday! There were 3 babies born last year (all boys!) in the Rumple family! Bennett was the first and we will have one more 1st birthday party in early December. I just love me a baby with a smash cake!!

That's all I got for this week's Friday Five! 
What made you happy this week? 


  1. So glad Cam feels better and that dress is SO cute!! I believe that you need to go off the diet wagon for a day so that your metabolism gets used to it ;) Hope you guys have fun this weekend! XO

  2. Yes! Definitely want to hear about dressing for family photos. I am currently searching for our outfits. I have a 2.5 year old boy and 1 year old girl and it is so hard to find coordinating outfits!

  3. You’re so good with the camera so I’m sure that you can take family photos on your own! And yay for the contractors starting, can’t wait to follow the progress.


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