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A Unique Valentine's Day Gift for Him with JORD

Raise your hand if you struggle with finding the perfect gift for your man (this is me raising my own hand). Men can be so difficult to buy for, especially those that seem to feel like they don't need anything. Bill has always been a lover of watches. He likes having different styles of watches on hand for all occasions. So, when JORD watches reached out to me for this collaboration, a light bulb went off in my head! What a perfect, thoughtful, timeless idea for a gift!

JORD wood watches are hand crafted and have such a unique look and design. Bill didn't have anything like this in his watch collection, so I thought it would be the perfect gift. When his new JORD watch arrived in the mail, it was packaged in a beautiful wood carved box. It is so nice that he can protect and keep his watch in this box when he's not wearing it. 

The style I selected for Bill was the 'Frankie' series in Koa & Ash. The warm tones of the dark wood and large grey face compliments Bill's sense of style. It would be the perfect watch to wear everyday or to throw on with jeans and a tee shirt on the weekends. Bill loves that the watch itself is so lightweight and easy to take on and off. Did you also know that JORD offers a variety of women's watches? A great gift idea for the ladies as well! Hint hint to any of you men that read my blog!

If you are looking for a unique gift idea for Valentine's Day for any man in your life, JORD offers so many styles and designs of wood watches to choose from.

If a JORD watch is something you would love to give as a gift (or gift to yourself) this Valentine's Day, you are in luck! Right now JORD is hosting an amazing GIVEAWAY

One lucky winner will receive a $100 Coupon Code to go towards your online purchase of a JORD watch! All other entrants receive a 10% off Coupon Code! 
*Giveaway ends on Feb 4th, 2018 and the $100 and 10% off Coupon Codes will expire February 11th.

To enter the giveaway, click on THIS LINK, fill out the required entries and hit submit! Good luck!

*Thank you to JORD watches for this collaboration! I did receive a complimentary watch in exchange for writing this post. As always, all opinions are mine and 100% honest!


  1. JORD watches are great gifts and unique watches to add to a collection. My dad loves his that I gifted him last year!

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  2. I love these watches. You are right they make a great gift. Gemma x

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