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Faves Under $50 | Vol. 1

Happy Tuesday, friends! By IG stories vote, this post won over 'winter essentials' ... However, I still have a winter essentials post in the works, so stay tuned for that one! This year one of my main goals is to focus more on our household monthly budget. One of the areas that I need a little (ok, a lot of) help with is my shopping habit budget. I want to be able to continue shopping for myself, but I'm making sure the items I buy are under a certain dollar amount AND are high quality pieces. I still believe less is more and quality over quantity. But, you can never have too many cute tops to chose from... Am I right? 😉   I've seen a few other bloggers share these 'faves under $50' posts and I decided to jump on the band wagon!

Here are some of my current favorite style pieces under $50...

one || two || three || four || five || six || seven

All of these are currently on my wish list (and most are on sale!), but a few stand outs are this tie neck sweater (how cute?!), these tassel earrings in the prettiest pink shade, and this pretty pink tunnel neck tunic. I know I always rave about my high waist zella leggings, but I've actually heard great things about these high waist leggings that are a fraction of the cost! I have this leopard clutch, but I love this one because it folds over and looks easier to carry. And I'm in need of a new pair of slippers and this pair looks so cozy!

Which one is your favorite?

I hope you all are having a great week so far! Happy shopping!


  1. Yes! Why haven't I bought a pair of those leggings yet?! These are great under $50 finds!

  2. That bow sweater is just too cute! Just a heads up - I have those leggings, and they tear/get holes very easily! Considering how they basically suction around your leg, the material is thin and my finger more or less punched a hole in them while putting them on. So maybe size up? Or just skip them, lol.

    1. Oh no! Thanks for the heads up! I will stick with my tried and true zella ones then!

  3. That cardigan is the best and I wear mine constantly! LOVE the pink sweater and this whole post!

  4. Love all these! I need that cardigan and those earrings!


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