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Let me just start by saying that I am no fitness guru... Far from it actually! I am horrible at trying to 'diet', I am never motivated to go to the gym, I love my comfort food, cheese and a glass of wine at night. I have no business talking about 'fitness' on this blog. However, I want to start changing my habits and sometimes the best way to stay motivated is to hold yourself accountable! By sharing this on the blog and making it 'public' I feel more accountable for my actions!

If I'm being honest, I probably have about 10 solid pounds to lose. It's not like I'm over weight or anything. I'm still a size 4/6, but I just haven't felt confident in my skin or what I'm wearing for a while now. I actually weighed less 3 months after giving birth to Bennett than I do now (thanks to breastfeeding and not having time to eat!). Fast forward a year and a half and I'm still holding on to what I affectionately refer to as my 'baby weight'. But, for me this new lifestyle is more than just a focus on weight loss. I want to feel healthy and look healthy! I want to have more energy during the day. And it would be nice if I could see some sort of ab definition in place of that flabby lose skin in my mid section. Being pregnant twice in 2 years really did a number on my core! So, a lot of my workouts are focused around building those core muscles again. And, I'm not on any sort of true 'diet', per say. I'm all about balance. If I completely restrict myself from some sort of food group, I will eventually crash and the effects are worse than before I started the diet.

My friend, Abby (from Mom With Muscles blog) taught me all about tracking my macros (grams of fat, carbs and protein I'm consuming per day) and keeping track of everything I eat in my MyFitnessPal app. This has helped me realize how I've gained weight and how I can lose and/or maintain my weight. Once I started tracking my macros, I realized that I'm really good at hitting my fats and carbs, but was horrible at hitting my protein goals for the day. So, I started adding more protein to my diet and I notice that I'm more full and satisfied throughout the day which helps me to stay under my daily calorie limit. 

Here are a few sample meals that I have been eating recently:

Breakfast (macros: carbs=18, fat=13, protein=16) 

2 hard boiled eggs OR scrambled egg whites with 1 whole egg mixed in, top with TJ's everything but the bagel seasoning (game changer!), with one piece of ezekiel bread (it's just flourless bread, you can find this at Trader Joe's or in the freezer section at your grocery store) toasted with ghee and also topped with TJ's seasoning OR roasted potatoes. (I also always start my day with a cup off coffee with sugar free creamer!)

Mid morning 'snack' (or second breakfast!)

Berry/Banana protein smoothie (macros: carbs=34, fat=9, protein=35)

half of a banana
handful of mixed frozen berries (I like raspberries, strawberries and blueberries)
handful of fresh spinach (or any greens you have on hand)
1 scoop of your favorite chocolate protein powder (I'm currently using this chocolate whey protein powder, but I think I may switch to a plant based protein powder like this one when it's gone)
1 cup of almond milk (I use unsweetened)
optional: a tbsp of peanut butter or almond butter
optional: 2 tbsps each of chia seeds and ground flaxseed (so many great health benefits from these. I found them both at Trader Joe's!)

Lunch (macros: carbs=19, fat=18, protein=24)

Some sort of salad with protein. I've been loving Trader Joe's kale and broccoli slaw (I will not use the whole packet of dressing and I omit the dried cranberries to save some carbs and fat) with some sliced left over rotisserie chicken (we usually get one every week from the grocery store!).

Or left overs from dinner

Mid afternoon snack (macros for Quest bar: carbs=4, fat=9, protein=21): I'm loving these RX bars or quest bars are great with high protein and lower carbs. And I'll usually have a cup of coffee with sugar free creamer for a pick me up!

Sample dinners (turkey taco salad macros: carbs=21, fat=12, protein=32) I try to make healthy meals with a protein and veggies. If there is a 'starch' component, I may swap out for something else like instead of rice I'll have more veggies or quinoa or I'll have a spaghetti squash instead of noodles, etc. 

  • turkey taco salad: ground turkey, taco seasoning, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, salsa, taco sauce, non fat greek yogurt. (I love taco Tuesdays! I'll serve with taco shells or tortillas for the boys, and I'll have a salad to save carbs and fat)
  • roasted chicken, steamed carrots, parmesan potatoes: grab a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, steam some carrots and make some sort of potatoes (I love the garlic parmesan potatoes from Trader Joe's!). I love having this meal on Sundays after our family grocery trip!
  • 10 min honey garlic shrimp with quinoa and stir fry veggies (onion, broccoli, peppers, etc) so quick and easy to make! 

Late night snack: I love these Oikos triple zero greek yogurts (they have 15 grams of protein! and no fat!) macros: carbs=13, fat=0, protein=15)

Total Macros for the day: carbs=106, fat=62 (this is a little high if I'm aiming for weight loss! goal is 55), protein=143!!! (Goal protein is around 128grams!)

Here's where the math geek in me comes into play... I always make sure to stay under 1400 calories for the day. If it is a cardio day, I may go up to 1500. My goal is to have a deficit of 500 calories per day (If it's a work day I will typically burn 1800 calories in a day, if I'm with the boys all day or it's a cardio day it may be more like 2000!). If I can keep up with this, that means I would lose one pound per week. (3,500 calories = 1 pound, so if I burn an extra 500 calories a day, that would be 3,500 per week). I love this fitness tracker that I wear everyday to track my steps and extra calories burned!

Of courses, I will allow myself a cheat day (or 2) on the weekends! If we are ordering pizza on a Friday night (which is pretty standard), I will definitely have a slice or 2! And you better believe I allow myself to have a few (ok, maybe more than a few) glasses of wine a week! I try to just eat as well as I can during the week. And, if I'm really trying to lose weight, I may omit the wine during the week. Again, it's all about balance!


As far as my exercising goes, I just try my best to fit it in when I can. As I mentioned, I'm really trying to focus on strength training especially around my core. So, I typically will go to the gym twice a week for a longer cardio session (about 30-45 mins) with some ab work. Then, I'll try to do 2-3 at home workouts that consist of core strength training, yoga/stretching or leg work for 25 mins. That's it! When I go to the gym, it's typically in the morning right after I drop off the kids at school or while Bill is dropping them off around 8:30 - 9:15ish. Then, I come home and start my work day and may shower later in the day. Working form home gives me this flexibility, but if you work at an office, you may have to bring your shower supplies to the gym to get ready before work. 

Workout Routine:

Monday - gym: running for 25/30 mins around track, ab/core workout (15 mins)

Tuesday - core and leg workout (maybe tone it up 10 min abs, leg work out, etc total 25 mins)

Wednesday - break

Thursday - gym: 'butts and guts' class (55 min class focusing on core and glut strength training) OR running for 25/30 mins and 15 mins of ab workout.

Friday - either core/arm workout OR yoga OR running outside if it's nice out (25 mins)

Sat/Sun - off, family activity! Chasing toddlers is a workout!!

There you have it! It's not rocket science... I don't pay money for fancy shakes or workout apps... I just do what I know will work for me!!

I hope this helps you in your quest to become fit and healthy!

Please feel free to comment with any questions you may have or let me know what you are doing to stay fit!

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  1. Cute workout gear always helps, too! Love that sweatshirt! Get after those goals, girl!!

  2. I’m so proud of you, girlfriend! Your attitude is the right one to have - not worry about lbs lost (although a benefit), but how you feel in your clothes and own skin. If you need an accountability buddy, you always can shoot me a message! :) I need to try that morning smoothie of yours, yum!


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