Currently | February Edition

I realize that this is the last day of February! But, wanted these 'currently' posts to be a monthly thing, so might as well post it today! February has been kind of a 'blah' month for me personally. I took a little break from instagram over the weekend and it felt so good! I think I may try to disconnect from social media each weekend, even for just a day, to make sure I'm focusing on family time and just to recharge my batteries so to speak. If I've seemed a little distant from instagram and the blog recently, it's just because a few things have happened to make me reevaluate some things in my life. Nothing big or life changing! Just some family members' health concerns and some personal stuff that put some things in perspective for me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the blogging community and I think there are so many positive aspects of social media and instagram in particular. But, for some reason, recently I've felt a little 'icky' about instagram, so I decided to take a little break. But, I still love connecting with my followers/readers that way so I am continuing to just do what I enjoy! Hope that all makes sense lol! 

Now on to what I've been up to recently!

Currently, I am...

Wearing... these zella crop leggings, these nikes and an over sized tee shirt! Just came home from the gym! I'm trying to just throw on my workout clothes in the morning so I'm more motivated to work out! I've also been loving this $17 fleece pullover! I love that some of you have purchased it and are loving it too!

Watching... Well, since Bill and I finished Stranger Things (oh my goodness!) this month already, I have been focusing on more light hearted comedies lol! I'm not going to lie... Stranger Things freaked me out a bit! But, I loved the characters! We started watching the first episode of Shameless and we just weren't really into it? Does it get better?? And I'm still probably the only female that is not watching the Bachelor... I've heard I'm not missing much!

Listening to... 'Filthy' by JT is still on my main playlist and I'm loving his newer song with Chris Stapleton 'Say Something'. Also, loved his half time performance!! Besides music, I just started getting into podcasts (I know, I'm a little late on the game), so send me your recs for your favorite ones to listen to!

Reading... I got this morning devotional from Bill for my birthday and I've been enjoying reading it every morning while the coffee brews and before the babes wake up. It just sets the tone for the rest of my day! I highly recommend it!

Eating... Lots of Trader Joe's frozen meals because I've just been so lazy about cooking! Did you guys catch my Trader Joe's Haul on IG stories earlier this month? If you haven't (and you're interested in seeing what I get when I go there), I actually saved it to my highlights on my profile. Also, the crockpot has been a savior recently. I'm planning on having this meal for dinner tonight!

Enjoying... some nicer weather (after it rained for what feels like forever!) we've been having! We have even made a few trips to the park with the boys. Makes me so excited for spring!

Loving... These custom designed silhouettes of the boys! My brother designed and printed them and gave them to me as a Christmas gift! I finally found a good spot for them on the hallway wall leading into our bedroom. I found the floating frames from Amazon of course!

Wishing... I could take part in this awesome Shopbop sale going on right now! If you have any designer pieces on your wishlist, now's the time to snag them! I've just been on a little shopping freeze lately... whaaa whaaaaaaa.

Looking forward to... Spring time and warmer weather! Getting excited for Easter, spring decorating around the house, etc! There's already some adorable spring and Easter decor out at Target, of course! How cute is this wreathe and this throw pillow for Easter?!

What have you been up to this month?


  1. Hi Lindsay! Just wanted to say that I totally feel you on the Instagram thing - I launched my small business in January and have been struggling with feeling like I'm constantly playing the comparison game. It's crazy how much it actually does affect your mood and your thoughts when you're spending a lot of time on social media! I've made a conscious effort so far this week to limit my Instagram check-ins to no more than 15 minutes a few times a day and that does seem to be helping a bit. :) As far as podcasts, I love Don't Keep Your Day Job (great for women entrepreneurs), Happier with Gretchen Rubin, and A to B Podcast (for organizing tips!). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Totally understand what you mean about Instagram. It is always good to disconnect!! That wreath from Target is SO cute. I am looking for a new job right now so my shopping is very limited. Therefore I will not be taking advantage of the Shopbop sale haha. We had a spring like day here yesterday and it felt great. It is still warm right now but tomorrow its back to being cold. Boo!! Anyway, thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  3. The silhouettes are SO good! Social media breaks are so good and necessary. I keep taking them more frequently and it is so nice. I hope everything is ok <3

  4. Ugh Instagram, lol. I’m with you - probably why today was the first time I posted a picture in 2 weeks. Whatever, let’s just do what we do and not worry about it! I’m with you that February was a blah month. Girl, I’m the last person to get into podcasts so I’ll have to look at some of the recs you get!


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