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Recent Amazon Finds + What's in My Cart

You all voted for this post (via my instastories poll) so here it is!! I've been meaning to share this type of post for a while now and I feel like now is the perfect time because there are so many cute, affordable fashion finds on Amazon for spring! And if you have a prime membership, then these items could show up on your doorstep in just a few days!

Oh, Amazon... how you have come to my rescue in so many ways over the past few years! I've noticed that a lot of my most popular items that I post about on the blog and instagram are from Amazon! It seems as though you all are just as in love with free, 2-day shipping as I am! So, I thought it would be fun to share some recent finds and what's in my Amazon shopping cart...

+ I just received these sunglasses and I am loving them! I actually got both the tortoise shell ones and a black pair in this set for only $16! I love that they are almost an identical dupe for these very popular designer sunglasses.

+ I'm also loving these designer inspired sunnies as well, which are currently sitting in my cart waiting for me to pull the trigger!

What else is in my Amazon cart you say? Well, I'm so glad you asked! Here's what I have in my cart...

+ These $15 high waisted, tummy control cropped leggings. They are a best seller and have great reviews! I mean... do I really need another pair of workout leggings? Prob not, but it would help give me some more motivation to workout and go to the gym! And you can not beat a $15 price tag!

+ After the SNOW that we got today, my mind is on our girls' getaway to the Dominican Republic in June! So, I have a few things on my wish list and in my cart for the trip. First up is this adorable bamboo handbag that would be perfect for a beach vacation! It was the 'it' bag of last summer and it is back again as one of the most popular bags for spring. Only this one is much more affordable than the designer one!

+ I also have my eye on this cute $11 pom pom cover up! I just love the bright colors too! I also have my eye on this one.

+ This striped beach bag with pom pom detail is also on my wish list for the trip!

I also have a few things in my cart for the boys...

+ Bennett is getting a little too restless in his highchair these days and always wants to sit in his big brother's booster seat at our table, so I think it's time we get him his own! My sister in law got this one for her one year old son last summer for our obx trip and she still uses it with him a lot! It's great bc it can fold up and you can take it places or you can use it as a booster seat on a regular chair. It also comes with a detachable tray.

+ Along with the new booster seat, I think I want to start using these silicone place mats with the built in plates for Bennett. He is in the 'let's throw my plate on the floor because it's funny' phase which is just so fun (insert sarcasm)! I love this one with the dino shaped plate.

+ I am also on the hunt for some Easter shoes for the boys. I just ordered their outfits from Old Navy and I'm realizing I don't have 'nice' shoes for them to wear with their outfits. I found this pair which are a good casual/dressy option to go with their outfits. And they are only $11! I hate spending money on shoes or clothes for them when I know they won't wear them much and will grow out of them in a month!

+ On the topic of toddler shoes, I am definitely ok with spending the money for 2 pairs of these shoes for the boys for the spring/summer. I had a pair for Camden the last 2 summers and they are the best! I know Old Navy and Target have some similar styles for less, but these are just better quality and they are not as 'stiff' feeling, so I think they are more comfortable.

There you have it folks! What I am loving from Amazon currently. I'm thinking about making these Amazon picks a monthly post, so if you like this type of post let me know in the comments below!


  1. High waisted, tummy control leggings sounds like an answered prayer :-)

  2. I hope you continue to do these Amazon finds often. I really enjoy this!


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