Spring & Summer Capsule Series | Vol. 1 (Tees)

If you caught my instastories earlier in the week, you know I've been working on cleaning out, editing and organizing my closet for spring. The first step was to go through everything and pick out items that I haven't worn in over a year that are still in good condition and try to sell them. I have a poshmark account (find me @lindsllstyling) and I've had some success selling my gently used, still in good condition clothes and accessories at some second hand stores here in town. Once that is done, I usually will donate all clothes that are left that I no longer wear or need. Once I paired down my clothing items to the stuff I actually wear, I started organizing everything by season. I put the spring, summer stuff on the side that is easily accessible and put all my fall/winter stuff on another side. I also went through all my accessories, handbags, shoes and jewelry the same way. 

In doing this, I was able to take some inventory of what I had in my closet already for the spring and summer seasons and what I needed to add to my 'wish' list. I was going to list out everything in one post, but I realized it would be lengthy, so I decided to break out everything into categories. 

For this first edition of my Spring/Summer capsule series, I'm going to talk about tee shirts! These are staples in my closet and I feel like you can never have too many comfortable, soft, easy to throw on t-shirts!

A few of my favorite t-shirts that I purchased last year were this Lush v-neck (I have the grey color in size MED, but probably could have done a SM), these Caslon rounded v-neck tees (size small, these run big) and this BP Raw Edge V-neck tee (in SM, run TTS). You may have noticed that all of these are from Nordstrom. And that is intentional! When it comes to a t-shirt, you might think 'why would I spend more money on a t-shirt?!' and my answer to that is because you wear them all the time! I have a few t shirts that I have purchased from Target or Old Navy and to be honest, they start to look bad after just a few times in the wash! AND, as always Nordstrom always offers free shipping and returns!

This Lush tee says 'dry clean only' which is silly. You do not need to dry clean this tee! I simply put it in the washing machine on delicate and flat or line dry. Easy peasy! And this one I probably wear most often!! It is so soft and has stayed soft and new looking for almost a year!

These Caslon tees are also a great staple and I will most likely buy a few more colors this year! I bought a few different striped versions last year and I'm loving the new patterns this season! The rounded v-neck is perfect too because it still has the flattering shape of a v-neck, but isn't too deep that you feel like you are 'exposed'! Nothing worse than hanging around with toddlers that like to pull at your shirt or when you bend over to pick them up and you feel like everything is hanging out lol! 

I love how soft and light weight these BP Raw Edge v-neck tees are and I'm loving all the new, bright colors for spring! I bought this one last year in a light pink color and wear it so much! I may have to snag this one in black and another bright color to wear with my white jeans

There you have it! My top pics for tees! I'm hoping to share a new volume of this series each week with a new staple item for spring/summer. 

Let me know in the comments what your staple items are for spring and summer!

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  1. You know I love those Lush tees - I think I have practically every color!


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