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Christmas Pajamas Round Up | 2018

It's finally time to start posting my Holiday content! I am so excited for this time of year! I usually start my holiday shopping with just some new holiday decor and of course, I start shopping for our Christmas PJ's before all the good ones sell out! I found a lot of great options online and all are pretty affordable!! I love all the family matching options, however, I don't think I could convince Bill to wear some of these 😂 But, if you have a husband that likes to take part of the fun I posted a few fun family options as well!

Christmas PJ's for Her:

Christmas PJ's for Kids / Toddlers / Baby:

Christmas PJ's for the Family:

Shop all of Target's Matching Family Jammies HERE

Shop all of Old Navy's Matching Family Jammies HERE

Which are your favorites? 

Does your family wear matching PJ's for Christmas? 

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  1. We had the Santa suit ones for us all a couple of years ago and it was so fun! I need to get a new set this year, thank you for the reminder!


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