Outfits in Italy + Top 10 Travel Essentials

We had such an amazing trip to Italy last week! We were invited on a trip to Lake Como for Bill's company's incentive trip since he hit his sales goal last year. We were in Lake Como for the first 3 days of our trip, then we headed to Venice for 2 days and spent the last day and night of our trip in Milan. Lake Como was definitely my favorite out of the 3 cities/areas we visited. I definitely over packed and a lot of what I brought was not even worn once! And there were items I wish I would have brought, but left at home.

The weather in Italy was a lot like what it is like at home in Ohio. It was hot during the day (up to the 80s) and cooled off at night and in the early mornings. There was only one day that it was overcast and rained a little off and on, but other than that it was so pleasant and sunny!

I wanted to share with you what I brought and wore during our trip (and what I wish I would have brought) just in case you are planning to take a trip over seas sometime soon. A lot of these items/outfits would also work for any type of summer vacation to somewhere warm!

First, let's start with some of my favorite outfits of the trip...

I bought this cute 'ciao' graphic tee (I bought the men's size small bc I like a more loose fit) especially for this trip! I brought along several pairs of comfortable denim shorts and this pair was my most worn because they are so comfy! I was SO mad that I forgot to bring this hat! It was the last thing I was supposed to grab before heading to the airport and I left it sitting on our kitchen counter. I ended up buying a cheap one in Venice, but it just didn't fit the same. 

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As far as traveling goes, I was aiming for the most comfortable thing I own that isn't pajamas. Since our longest flight was over 9 hours (ouch), I knew that comfort was key! This jumpsuit from Amazon was the perfect travel outfit for the day! I also threw in a super soft lightweight cardigan in my carry on so I could pout it on in case it got chilly on the plane. 

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My favorite swim suit I brought was this one piece from Amazon! Fits true to size, but I usually size up to a medium for all swim suits. This suit was perfect to wear with my favorite patterned kimonos for cover ups too!

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We had a fancy dinner with Bill's coworkers one night, so I packed this cute chiffon shift cocktail dress that was perfect for the night's festivities. I ordered these heels before our trip and was able to pick them up a day before we left for our trip without really trying them on or testing them out. I LOVE the look of them, but I wouldn't recommend them to wear more then a few hours. Maybe it's just because I'm not used to wearing high heels, but my feet were aching at the end of the night lol! And I got SO many compliments on these statement earrings! Also, not pictured is this pretty clutch I carried too! 

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This casual floral print romper was the perfect outfit to wear on the boat on the lake! I actually wished I would have brought more casual style rompers because they are so easy to wear and are comfortable for boat life and walking around! I also ordered these cute studded bow rubber sandals before we left for the trip and they were the perfect pool and boat shoes! 

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The first night in Venice we decided to just hang at our hotel and had dinner on the rooftop restaurant which had the most GORGEOUS views of the city across the water. This $25 floral print dress was perfect for the night! I love the colors, patterns and handkerchief hem of this dress! Fits true to size, I'm in a small. 

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Our last night in Italy was spent in the city of Milan! Such a different pace and feeling in the big city then the first 2 areas we visited! Felt much more like Time Square in New York! I wore this romper out for drinks and dinner. This romper is so flattering and fun for summer, but you could also carry this into fall since it has sleeves. 

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Top 10 Travel Essentials (for Europe)

1. Comfortable Sandals - The number one thing I would recommend if you are planning to travel over seas or anywhere that you will be doing a lot of site seeing is comfortable shoes! Since it was pretty hot during the day, I preferred to wear sandals over sneakers for our walking tours. Believe it or not, these $15 sandals were the most comfortable pair of shoes I brought and they worked great! We walked lots of miles during our walking tours of Lake Como and Venice and I wore them for both tours. My feet did not ache and no blisters!! I think because they have a footbed, it really helped with support for my feet. 

2. Packing Cubes - I received this set of packing cubes from Goodnight Macaroon and they were the perfect set to use for this trip! I found a similar set on Amazon for less than $18!! Comes in a ton of pattern options as well. I also ordered the matching make up pouch and toiletry bag

3. Dual Voltage Curling Iron / Travel Straightener - I was so sad when I found out I wouldn't be able to use my Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Styler in Italy! I realized that most hair dryers and curling irons or straighteners do not offer dual voltage (the voltage is different in Europe depending on the country). However, I was happy to find out that my Conair ceramic curling iron was in fact dual voltage, so I was able to use it. My straightener wasn't dual voltage, so I went ahead and ordered this travel curling iron and straightener in one! It actually worked pretty well and I really only used it when I need to straighten my hair. 

4. Plug Adapters Since the plugs in Europe are all different, it's important to remember to bring some plug adapters. I got this set so we are covered if we ever travel to any other European countries in the future. I also ordered this usb charging plug adapter that we used for our phones and laptops when needed. 

5. Jumpsuit / Maxi Dress - I wore this comfy jumpsuit on the plane ride and it was perfect! I also threw in a cardigan in my carry on in case I got cold. Another great reason to bring a comfy jumpsuit or maxi dress was because when we went on our walking tours, we also walked through some of the Cathedrals and they require women to have their shoulders and legs covered when you are inside. This was something I didn't know about before hand, so I ended up having to buy a wrap from outside of one of the Cathedrals one day because I was wearing shorts. I had a kimono with me, but still needed to cover my legs. 

6. Sun Hat / Sunglasses / SPF - I was actually really sad I ended up leaving this hat at home by accident. I had it all ready to grab off the counter before we headed out for the airport the day we left and I completely forgot to grab it! I ended up buying a similar style hat in Venice for 10 euro, but it just was not the same! So, learn from my mistake and don't forget a sun hat! We were outside a lot and it was really sunny. I of course put on SPF, but some days we were out walking for hours, so the sun hat really helped reduce any sun damage to my face. 

7. Crossbody Bag and/or Backpack - It is best to be hands free while traveling, so a crossbody or backpack style is best for your handbag. I would be careful with the backpack style while walking around the city, however. Just make sure to put all your money and important items inside a zipper pocket where it would not be easy for any pickpockets to get to. 

8. iPhone Flash Drive Memory Stick - I have had this iPhone memory stick now for a few years and it really comes in handy when I'm running low on storage on my phone and I'm not near my laptop. There is a free app that you download and when you plug it into your phone, you can download your photos and videos on the to memory stick and then erase them from your phone when you need more storage. I used my phone for all our photos and videos while in Italy, so I wanted to make sure I had enough storage on my phone! 

9.  Neck Pillow (for long flight) - This definitely came in handy during our long flight to Milan! It was over 9 hours, so I tried to sleep some there and on the way back. 

10. A Good Book - The only time I really have to read these days is on planes! I started this book on the plane ride and it is pretty good so far! Some of my other recent book faves are The Couple Next Door and Girl, Wash Your Face. Comment below with some book suggestions!

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  2. What size did you get in the jumpsuit? Do you think it fits TTS?

    1. I am wearing a size small! Yes, I would say it fits true to size!


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