The 'Momiform' + 9 mo Postpartum Update

You guys... My baby is 9 months today... 9 months! 
(Camden's 9 month update coming at you next week)

He has officially been outside of my belly longer than he was inside. So crazy!

I wanted to give you all an update on my postpartum body. They do say "it took 9 months to get your body to stretch, so give it 9 months to go back"... or something along those lines. 

I will say that I am happy to report I have lost a total of 42 pounds since having Camden. That is a huge number for this little 5 foot 3 frame! I gained a total of 46 pounds while pregnant with Cam. And it probably would have been more if I made it past 37 weeks. I definitely gave into a lot of temptations while pregnant and used the excuse of "cravings" to make myself feel better. I think I probably gained an extra 10 lbs that my body didn't need to keep my baby healthy. 

However, I do give myself props for losing the weight the old fashioned way... Working out (in the form of running mostly) and watching what I eat. Of course, I still indulge here and there. Hey, being a new mom is a tough job! We have to reward ourselves!

I still have about 5-10 pounds to lose to get myself in that "comfort" zone of weight where I feel comfortable in my clothes. Certain pieces fit a lot differently than they used to. I have to buy a size up in pants and shorts because my hips widened. I also have to buy larger tops because of my chest size. Oh, I am soooo ready to get these boobies lifted and tucked someday! That is the part of my body I am really struggling with. Trust me ladies, be careful what you wish for! 

Last summer it was all about the maxi dresses. I just loved to show off that big 'ol bump in a comfortable maxi. This summer has been all about the comfortable shorts and easy, breezy, cotton, "throw in the washer and dryer" tops. You know, the ones that you don't mind if it gets spit up on (or worse). Shorts are just easier when you are sitting on the floor playing with your babe. A dress is no longer an everyday option.

I have happily traded in my business casual work wear for this new 'momiform' as I like to call it. I'm so happy my new boss does not require a formal dress code. ;)

Here are some of my favorite everyday 'momiform' staples:

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  1. you look great! i love that top. and i cant believe he is going to be NINE months old soon! so crazy :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. You seriously look great!!!! I miss shorts! I've been all about the maxi dresses too but will be ready for a different look come next summer!

  3. His legs are soooo chunky! Sophie's were never that chunky, gosh how I wish they were.

    And I think you look beautiful mama! My hips got larger too, and I have yet to wear anything but athletic shorts since having given birth because while most days I'm fine with how I look, I do miss my pre-baby body just a bit. It never returned to how it looked and I'm over 19 months out.

    liz jo sundays with sophie

  4. I'm on the it takes 9 months and then it takes 4 years train ;) You look great and your body changes forever, but you love it so differently knowing what it can do!

  5. You look fabulous! I'm struggling with figuring out what to wear 4 months pp! It's tough.

  6. Yay!! You look awesome mama, the post baby body is not an easy one to deal with. Love that old navy top- might need to get one for myself!

  7. You look wonderful and that is one cute baby! I live in jcrew shorts in the summer. So practical! Love your picks!

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  9. Awww, he's adorable!!! The time goes by so fast, doesn't it?

    Melissa | So About What I Said

  10. Just found your blog and I can tell I'm already in love! Camden is precious!! We are due with our second in Oct- so I've loved looking back at your pregnancy posts! :-)

  11. You look great, losing the weight is never easy, and the extra 5-10 stuck around for me too! You're right, there's no short cut except eating healthy and working out, plus you need to enjoy life with your adorable boy. Camden is so precious!


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