A Magical Christmas...

Magical is the word I've chosen to describe this year's Christmas. It just felt like I was reliving my childhood Christmases all over again. For one, we spent this Christmas at my parents' house in Columbus so it did actually feel like I was a kid again. But, also because this was the first Christmas that Camden seemed to really 'get it'. This was actually his 3rd Christmas, but his first he was barely a month old and last year, just over one. Now, at 2 years old he knows who Santa is and his reindeer. He LOVES Christmas trees and lights! And most importantly... he knows how to open presents! It was so fun shopping for him this year! We didn't go over board because we didn't want to have to bring huge gifts home with us in the van and because we knew his grandparents would spoil him too. But, he was the star of the show Christmas morning and even helped hand out the gifts under the tree!

This Christmas was also 'magical' because it was the boys first Christmas together... One of many to come! I saw a glimpse into my future with 2 boys opening gifts of footballs, legos, transformers, nerf guns, cars, trains, trucks, etc. As much as I would love to buy all the pink froo froo toys for a little girl, I'm actually looking forward to a time when my 2 boys will play together with their toys. Granted, I know I'm in for it next year when I'm sure the word 'MINE' will be shouted every time one of them opens a gift and I will most likely be playing referee more so than Santa... But, it will still be fun to see them light up Christmas morning when they see what Santa has brought them.

Their little brotherhood is blossoming and it is so fun to watch! Bennett is really starting to find his older brother very entertaining and Camden loves to make him smile! 

We have just been relaxing and enjoying this time we have off with our families in Ohio. I've taken just a little bit of a break with the social media and blogging just to make sure I am truly soaking up this quality time with them. I will be back in action in 2017 which is next week!! Can you believe it??!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break!


  1. I would definitely use the word magical, too! So glad you guys had a great one!

  2. These are the sweetest pictures! Glad you're having a wonderful holiday break!

  3. Those boys are the sweetest! I can't even with the picture of Bennett smiling up at Camden!!

  4. Such a perfect Christmas!! I totally agree about it being magical - even though Hadley had zero clue what was going on, Nick and I had the BEST day!


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