Decking the Halls + the First Snow!

We had a cozy little weekend at home the past few days. We managed to at least put up our Christmas tree and decorate the mantel. We decorated everything at night on Saturday after the babes were in bed. This was actually our first year putting up an artificial tree. We decided it was for the best with a toddler, newborn and dog in the house! I do miss that fresh pine smell though... I might have to buy some pine scented spray!

Camden was so excited to wake up to the Christmas tree! He kept pointing at different ornaments and shouting what they were (shapes, colors, etc). His favorites are the snowflakes, balls (naturally), his Dory ornament that his Grandmother gifted him for his birthday and a plush penguin ornament I got for him last year. I actually let him take the penguin and Dory on and off the tree, so he isn't tempted to take any others off. I made sure to keep the plastic/soft ornaments towards the bottom just to be safe!

Here are a few of my favorite ornaments:

baby's first Christmas for Bennett from his Grandma Rumple...

Camden's Baby's first Christmas ornament...

An ornament gifted to us after our wedding. I love this one!

Another baby's first Christmas ornament of Camden...

I also enjoyed decorating our mantel for the first time! I absolutely love having a real mantel with a fireplace. Perfect place for our stockings and the little stocking advent calendar I found at Target this year!

And right on queue, it started snowing Sunday morning! We really got into the Christmas spirit with the snow gently falling outside.

It was the perfect weekend to stay in doors, decorate, bake cookies and stay in our PJs. The boys both are getting over a cough/cold (yes AGAIN!) so we are waiting until they feel better to take them to see Santa. Hopefully next weekend!

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

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  1. These pictures are great! So pretty! I love that first one..such amazement haha!

  2. I love all your decor, so cute and classic!

  3. the snow was so fun this weekend! i love all of your holiday decor! it's so fun to see a toddler's reaction to all that stuff ; ) xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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