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8 Ways to Help Organize Your Life in 2017

As part of my goal to SIMPLIFY everything in my life, one of the main tasks to complete this goal is to organize all of our STUFF! I've been scouring the internet and Pinterest for the perfect organization ideas for our family, so I thought I'd share some of my ideas. Hopefully, I can post updates of my organization goals as they are completed! 

Here are my top 8 organization tasks/goals for 2017:

1. Organize the pantry. Purchase some different sized glass jars and label them for baking ingredients such as flour, sugar, rice, salt, etc. Also, get different sized baskets to hold different food items, non refrigerated vegetables. How pretty and organized does the pantry below look?! Buy storage jars here, DIY/printable labels here. Or you can buy printable labels here or chalkboard labels here

2. Create a cleaning caddy and keep up with weekly cleaning schedule. This is one thing that has been on my to do list for a while! How easy would it be to just get a plastic bin with a handle and fill it with all your necessary cleaning supplies. Then, you can just keep it in your cleaning closet/mud room/etc and bring it out when you're ready to do your cleaning. I use this printable weekly cleaning schedule and I hope to stay consistent with it this year!

3. Create a family command center. Pick a place in the house that is easily visible by everyone, but not so obvious (like the mud room, or small wall of kitchen). Hang a monthly calendar to track family events/important dates, weekly menu board, and hanging bins for mail, important paper work, etc. Maybe add hooks with wire and clothes pins or a magnet board to hang children's art. Also, add hooks for keys! We need this so bad!

4. Organize, label and store all important family documents. We currently have a filing cabinet with hanging folders that I label and stuff with important family documents. I almost love the color coded binders (seen below) better! Maybe with folders and pockets to hold smaller documents (like birth certificates, ss cards, etc). How do you store your important family documents?

5.  Create a child memory box for each boy. Get 2 hanging file folder bins and label folders for each year of life. I currently have plastic bins in each of their rooms that I throw any art work, birthday cards, etc in that I want to keep. It would be nice to organize them by year. 

6. Organize kids toys. I already started this process with the ikea shelving and storage bins, but there are still so many toys that don't have a 'home'. I'd like to maybe create a toy closet with plastic bins and baskets labeled like the one below. 

7. This one is huge!! I love this idea for storing all the family's digital photos! Get different colored key ring thumb drives (I love these mixed metal ones), label them by year and keep them all on one ring. Genius! I also need to get better about purging my phone photos and videos onto my computer weekly. 

8. Last but not least, keep up with my Life Binder! I posted about how I created my Life Binder back in June. Since Bennett was born, I fell off the Life Binder wagon and I'm ready to hop back on! 

How do you plan to get organized this year? Have you implemented any of these organization ideas in your home?

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  1. Oh man, you are speaking my love language in this post!!! I'm on way to organizing a few of these things, but I need to do more!! I love the idea of the school boxes and I've seen that before. I also want to do the photo thumb drives too. I've really been working on backing up and organizing photos lately.

  2. Love all these ideas!! I need to save this for when we move back in after the renovation. We are going to have an open shelf pantry in our mudroom so it's going to have to be organized!

  3. I am on a huge organizing kick and this gave me so much inspo!!

  4. I've seen some really lovely pictures of how people are reorganizing their kitchens by rebottling or "repackaging" their grains and condiments and all that, but it seems a bit of a waste of money to buy all those storage jars when you could do well enough with everything in their original boxes, no?


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