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Weekend Highlights

Literally, getting highlights was the highlight of the weekend! Actually, there were a lot of great little moments from this past weekend. Besides getting my hair done and running a few errands to the grocery store, we didn't really leave the house. We had no plans for the weekend and sometimes those turn out to be the best ones, am I right? 

My friends and I were chatting (on our What's app chat... love that app!) about how our weekends have changed so much since having kids. A few years ago we would all have Friday or Saturday night plans to go on a date or have a girls night. These days it is a treat if we get a date night or even stay up past 10pm for any reason on the weekends. Is it sad? Actually, I'm enjoying this stage of life a lot. I'm more of a home body, so staying in especially during the winter months appeals to me. 

I'm also loving the quality time with my boys (all 4 of them including Bill and Charlie). Camden wore his pajamas all day yesterday and I decided to let my OCD self sit back and fight the urge to get him dressed for the day. We played with play doh, built towers with blocks and leggos, read books, danced, ran around the house, baked cookies, ate cookies... It was a really fun day! 

Yes, I'm enjoying this stage of life a lot. I wish I would have taken more pictures to share, but I was busy taking mental pictures of all the fun we were having. I did snap chat some of it (@Lindsay Rumple) so there's that ;) 

Even though we didn't do much, I actually accomplished a lot!

-made crock pot broccoli cheese soup AND crock pot lasagna (both from my favorite crock pot recipes post)
-baked chocolate chip cookies (and ate half of them... oops!)
-got my hair highlighted
-went grocery shopping and made a meal plan for the week
-did a few loads of laundry
-decluttered a few rooms and made a pile/bin ready to go to Goodwill
-played with and cuddled my babies... That one is definitely the best highlight of the weekend!

Oh, and it was in the 60s and sunny on Saturday! It felt like spring! I know it was just a tease, but it got me really excited for spring time!

How was your weekend? What were your highlights?


  1. It's such a change but I'm really enjoying the simple weekends at home too! Glad you got some QT in with your boys!!

  2. Highlights are always my highlight too lol! I loved how cute the boys were on Snap all weekend!

  3. so glad that you had a good weekend and are enjoying life! Saw a glimpse of your hair, and it looks awesome!

  4. That weather sounds amazing! I am a homebody too, so I'm totally happy sticking around the house for the weekend! Those recipes you made sound delicious!

  5. I'm way overdue for some highlights- so I feel you on the joy they can bring! ;)


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