Friday 5

Nothing better than a good Friday 5 post, am I right? I haven't done one of these in a while, so I thought I'd bring it back and share with you 5 things I'm loving currently.

1. New black Nike's. I was gifted these for Christmas (thanks Santa!) and I loooove them! They are so comfortable and perfect to wear with my (let's be honest) everyday 'athleasure'. (They also come in a lot of fun colors!)

2. Skip Hop backpack diaper bag. This was an Amazon black Friday purchase last month and I'm so glad I pulled the trigger for this! A hands free diaper bag with two kiddos makes a world of difference when we are on the go!

3. Hunter boots with Hunter boot socks. because I've been wearing them everyday for the past month! It has either been snowing or cold/rain/sleet yuckiness around these parts. The sock inserts help keep my feet warm in these frigid temps too!

4. The crockpot and these crockpot liners have been my dinner savior recently! What's better than having a hot meal all ready for you at the end of the day? I'm planning to post about my favorite crockpot recipes soon!

5. Last but not least... Play-Doh! Camden got some for Christmas and it has kept him busy for a good hour at a time! He is obsessed! I'm hoping to get him a few new tools soon to keep the PD love going. Any mama tips for keeping the toddlers from mixing the colors together? He loves to do that...

What are you loving this week?

Happy Friday, Lovelies!!


  1. I forgot about how awesome crockpot liners are so thanks for the reminder, need to order asap! Play Doh is a game changer (as long as it's hidden when not in use!) I swear that has gotten me through multiple plane rides and dinners! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  2. Okay what do you do to keep the play-doh under control?? I hate play-doh, but Brody does love it. And mostly it keeps him contained and occupied, but it always ends up making a huge mess!! Maybe I just need to find a better place for him to do it.


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