Bennett Caught the Big ONE!

(Bennett's onesie from this etsy shop)

We had the best time on Sunday celebrating Bennett's first birthday with our family! The weather was perfect (sunny and 70's), the food was good and the boys gave us some great entertainment with the smash cake! Bennett was very happy to dig into his smash cake and of course, big brother had to get in on the fun! I got some great photos and a video of the whole fiasco!

I had a great time scheming and crafting for this fun little 'fishing' theme for his party. Most everything was DIY. I found most of the ideas from Pinterest of course! I ordered the smash cake from our local grocery store and I made the topper. The cupcakes were made by my mother in law (which were delicious!) and I made the chocolate dipped pretzel rods (fishing poles). Also on the menu were a variety of subs (submarines), mac & cheese (homemade by my mother in law), broccoli salad, fruit salad and fish and chips (individual chip and goldfish bags). We also had pails of worms and minnows (gummy worms and Swedish fish).

It's fitting that I am posting this on Bennett's official birthday! I am still in denial that my baby is one and that it has been a whole YEAR since this moment...

A part of me is excited and happy that the boys are slowly starting to be on the same schedule and play together. But, mostly I'm sad because I absolutely love this baby age and do not want it to end. Bennett is just the sweetest little (ok, not so little) ball of squishy cuteness and I want him to stay little forever!

I'm also a bit sad because this could possibly be our last baby and we might be done with this baby stage. But, never say never... However, I am definitely not ready to be pregnant again any time soon!

We have been through so much as a family this past year with moving and settling into our new home. Bennett has been such a great baby through it all! He just brightens my day every morning when he smiles at me to pick him up out of his crib. We give thanks to God everyday for blessing us with 2 healthy and happy boys! I can not wait to see what the next year brings!

We love you Bennett! Happy 1st Birthday my love!


  1. I love this theme! Your pictures are so good too! That year went so fast and it's not even my baby!

  2. This seriously could not be more adorable! The 'fish n chips' made me laugh out loud, so cute! Happy Birthday B!!!!

  3. Such an adorable theme, and now I'm totally craving one of those cupcakes!
    Green Fashionista

  4. aww this is such a cute theme! happy birthday bennett! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. such a cute party! Did you make his onesie?


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