Currently I'm...

Feeling guilty... for not posting enough on this blog of mine. Summer time has got us BUSY! I'm working on some projects for Bennett's birthday party this weekend. Between that, taking care of my very active 2 boys, trying to keep up with house work, working and general life there just hasn't been enough time to keep up! Hopefully, I will be better about posting later in the summer. But for now it may be a bit scarce around here.

Also feeling a bit sad... about my baby turing one in a week. Like looking at all his baby photos and videos on my phone every night and getting teary eyed. How did this past year go so quickly?

Excited about... our upcoming family trip to the Outer Banks in July. We are going with Bill's family and the boys cousins so it should be a fun time! I've started my list for what we need to bring and what I need to get for the boys before we go including a puddle jumper for Camden and one of these awesome water proof beach blankets. Also thinking about getting a better sun hat for Bennett and stocking up on this sunblock for the boys.

Watching... Southern Charm and RHONY. Literally, those are the only shows I watch! I'm not even watching the Bachelorette this season. I don't know what is going on? I'm usually so tired at the end of the day I can barely make it through one show and then I'm ready for bed!

Reading... Nothing. Again, I wish I had more time in the day to read again! I've had this book on my wish list for a while... Maybe I'll bring it to the beach! Oh wait... I'll still have a toddler and a one year old with me sooooo... we'll see...

Eating... clean-ish... I'm not going all out Whole30 again (well, I only lasted 14 days last time, so it was really just Whole14 for me), but I have been trying to cut way back on dairy, gluten and sugar. So far so good. It's only been a few days so we'll see! Just trying to shed a few lbs before our trip.

Wearing... These shorts and these tee shirts like it's my job! They have definitely been my 'mom-iform' this summer!

Wishing for... this ruffle hem tee and these leopard slides... Can they be mine now?

Loving... My days at home with the boys. Even though they can be exhausting (understatement of the year), I just love being able to be home with them during this fun stage even for just a few days a week. They are both growing at such a rapid pace I'm trying to savor this time!

what have you been up to?


  1. Girl, summer is all about living it up and enjoying life to the fullest. You do you - the blog always is waiting for you! Enjoy the last few sweet days with your little man before he turns one. How exciting!

  2. Ugh I've been the worst blogger lately! It's just hard to keep up with the blog and Instagram with two crazy toddlers keeping me on my toes all day, so I totally can relate. I can't believe your baby is going to one, it goes by way too fast!


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