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Blogger on a Budget | A New Series + 2 of the BIGGEST Sales of the year!

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Hey guys! I decided to start a new series on this bliggity blog of mine all about shopping on a budget. Yes, I post photos and links of recently bought items on my instagram and on the blog, but what you may not know or realize is that I actually have a shopping BUDGET. That's right... I'm not just spending my money on clothes and accessories all willy nilly, ok?!

So, I'm sure you're wondering how I come up with an amount to spend on clothes and accessories? Bill and I have a monthly budget that we like to stick to. He is all about the Dave Ramsey way of paying off all debt and having a safety net in the savings account. So, monthly budgeting is a necessity to work towards saving and being debt free. We obviously make sure all the necessities of life are paid for first, then add a specific amount towards savings and paying down debt. What's left over we divide up to all the 'extras' like eating out, entertainment, clothes and extra misc things we need to buy for the month. We are also working towards saving to complete some house projects in the near future, so that is my motivation to save vs. spend.

My monthly budget is typically around $200 - $300 (that's including buying for the boys), but I like to stick near the $200 mark so I can contribute to our savings account as well. You might be thinking, 'Wow! That's a lot!' or 'Wow! I spend way more than that per month on clothes!' just depending on your own personal spending habits, but I wanted to be honest and tell you so that I can 1. hold myself accountable for that specific budget, and 2. So that you understand how I shop and am able to save money by shopping online AND looking out for deals/sales.

First off, let's talk SALES. It is a great time of year to take advantage of a bunch of sales going on in the online apparel/accessories world. I wouldn't be a true 'style blogger' if I didn't let you know about the TWO BIGGEST SALES OF THE YEAR that are happening this month:

1. AMAZON PRIME DAY: starts at 9pm on July 10th (that's right, today) for prime members. If you are not a prime member, now is your time to sign up! I seriously use Amazon prime probably once per week to order things for myself and our family. It is the bomb dot com (literally).

I shop on amazon for literally everything. Makeup, clothes (like this top), toys for the boys, diapers, these meal prep containers (my most recent purchase). If you are a busy mom, or just busy in general, having a prime membership is completely worth the money. You get free 2-day shipping on so many items. There are also so many other benefits of being a prime member like photo storage, movies and tv shows, the list goes on.

2. NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE 2017 (July 21st - August 6th) is another very popular sale of the year! So many designer brand (and affordable brand) NEW items marked down for a limited time. This is a special sale because after the sale ends, they items go back up to retail price. It is a great time to stock up on those basic or high end must haves for fall and winter (so you won't be kicking yourself for not getting them when the temps drop). If you follow any other fashion related blog, I'm sure they've already mentioned this sale!

If you have a Nordstrom credit or debit card, you are able to gain early access on July 13th - 20th, before the general public (non-card holders) are able to shop the sale items. I have a Nordstrom debit card, so I am so excited to see what will be on sale in a few days! You can sign up for a Nordstrom card here.

You can get the first look at some of the items that will be offered in the sale here: NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE 2017 CATALOG: FIRST LOOK.

SO, my first tip on how to shop on a budget is to know what sales are happening and when. Then, make sure to save your money and shop during these big sales.

I just made an amazon purchase a few days ago because I wanted to make sure we had a few items for our upcoming family vacation. So, I don't have anything in my amazon shopping cart at the moment, but I will be browsing the deals they are offering tonight!

I'm excited to have early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year again since I have a Nordstrom debit card. We leave for our family vacation on Friday, so I'm not sure I'll be able to get to the actual store to try anything on on Thursday, but I will definitely keep you posted with what I find online! I'm planning on adding a 'Nordstrom Sale Favorites' tab at the top menu of my blog sometime this week, so make sure to check back for updated items I add to my wish list.

Are you planning to shop either of these sales? 


  1. Great post.

  2. Yes to shopping on a budget! I wish I had zillions of dollars to throw away on everything I wanted, but a budget is real life! I have been saving like crazy for both sales this week! It's my biggest spend of the year, but I get so many birthday and Christmas gifts out of it, that it's worth it!

  3. Love this new series from you! Can't wait for the NSale this week, I have my eye on some basics. You and I have pretty much the same monthly budget (mine is a little less since I'm not shopping for kids yet!), so I'm glad I'll be able to implement whatever tips and styles you share.

  4. I'm anxiously awaiting both sales to start!! The Nordstrom sale is my favorite of the whole year - so many great pieces!


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