Friday Five

Hi guys! Welcome back to another Friday Five post! Here are five things I'm loving from this (rather short) week:

1. I just picked up this lip gloss from my local Target and I am loving it! I got it in shade 'radiant rose' and it is the perfect mauve/pink for my skin tone. It also lasts a lot longer than any other drug store lip gloss I've owned. Like I don't have to reapply every 10 minutes.

2. This palm tree sweater is oh-so-comfy and perfect for those chilly, rainy summer days. I paired mine with these shorts yesterday and I love the combo! It is currently on sale for less than $15, so go snag it before it's sold out!

3. If you follow my instastories, you know I recently got my hair cut and I'm finally figuring out how to style it. I absolutely love the shorter 'do and I think I may keep it this length going forward! A lot less maintenance!

4. I found a few more 'mom-bod' friendly one-piece suits from Target that I plan to wear on our upcoming family trip to Outer Banks (affiliate links here and here). They are really flattering and perfect for family vacation with the boys!

5. I think we are taking the big boy bed plunge this weekend with Camden! We have a double mattress that we are just planning to put on his floor for now. I picked up these sheets (also ordered these sheets bc they were out of stock at the store) and this quilt for his bedding. I'm also planning to order these sheets because he loves trucks, planes and all things that go at the moment, so I know he will love them! Any tips on making this transition from fellow toddler mamas out there?? I'm a bit nervous!

Happy Friday!! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. My little girl is 2.5 and we made the big bed switch a little over a month ago now. My biggest tip is to not make a huge deal out of it. I know everyone else says the opposite and to present it as very exciting to the child, but I felt making it a big deal made it very aware to her that it was a change. She of course saw the bed when we got it set up, and asked questions about it -- which we answered, but unless she brought it up, we didn't really talk about it throughout the day. We made a huge deal out of it the next morning after she slept in there all night, but leading up to it, we just stuck to our normal bedtime routine (except we laid in the bed and read books instead of sitting in the rocking chair) and simply said "This is where you're going to sleep tonight!" :) She's handled it amazingly.

  2. How exciting for the big boy bed! And I need to check out that lipgloss on my next Target run which is all the time <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. good luck with Camden's big boy room! we still havent transitioned Vi out of her crib but I know we should do it soon! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. I agree with Jessi. Show him the bed, maybe read a book during the day on the bed and then at night just do your normal routine. We put a gate on the door so he couldn't get out if he did get out of bed. They adjust way better if you just do it and don't make a huge deal! You got this!!!!

  5. Hope things go well with Camden!!! That's so exciting! New sheets always make me happy to go to bed ;)


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