Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

image via the knot news

This has been weighing so heavy on my heart recently, that I knew I had to post something on here about how you all can help victims of Hurricane Harvey. I know so many bloggers and the media have been posting these links to donate, but I wanted to share these as well incase anyone wants a quick and easy way to donate funds towards helping the victims directly.

I went back and forth about if I should donate diapers, food, household items, or other items of need and quickly became overwhelmed because these people are left with NOTHING. Not one single thing after their homes have been flooded and destroyed. So, the best thing in my mind was to donate money directly to the cause of helping the American Red Cross with disaster relief.

I actually sent my donation via Amazon which was so easy because they already had my payment information which is linked to my amazon prime account. You can donate to the red cross via Amazon HERE.

Or if you prefer to donate directly to the American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief, please go HERE.

We are continuing to pray for the people of Houston, residents southeastern Texas and all that have been affected by this horrible disaster.

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