Put-In-Bay Girls' Trip Weekend Getaway Guide

Here's the thing... Being a mom of young children is draining. Your kids suck up all your time and energy. They are worth your time and energy, yes. But, sometimes us mamas need a little getaway with our friends in order to really appreciate our lives at home. Enter the girls' (moms') weekend getaway!

It was just 4 of us on our weekend trip to Put-In-Bay, but I feel like it was the perfect size group. Not too big where you feel like you can't talk to everyone and not too small. Since we all live in Ohio, Put-In-Bay was a great location because it was less than a 2 hour drive for everyone to get up to Port Clinton and from there it was a 40 minute jet express ride to the island.

Our hotel (BayShore Resort) was the perfect location right by the lake and walking distance to the main action, but not right in the middle of the craziness. We got one hotel room with 2 queen beds just to save money and we were just fine bunking up together! There was a restaurant and a tiki bar next to the pool. The view from our balcony was amazing! It over looked the pool and the lake. Just the perfect scenery to wake up to in the morning.

(photo from hotel website)

We all met Friday evening at our hotel and left Sunday afternoon. So, it was somewhat of a quick trip, but it was just the right amount of time to experience all we wanted to do while we were there. 

My checklist of things I wanted to do included the following:
  • Dinner and drinks by the lake (our hotel restaurant had patio seating over looking the lake!).
  • Go to Mojito Bay, listen to live music and act like we were in our 20s again. And you MUST grab a swing seat at the bar if you can get one! (you must also order their famous mojito, duh!).
  • Continue to bar hop and stop in to see the longest bar in the world! Order drinks you haven't had since you were 29 (like a red bull and vodka...yuck!).
  • Dance like no one's watching... check!
  • Order the wine chicken and corn on the cob on the way back to the hotel. Decide you can't wait and eat at the patio tables like no one's watching... however, most people are...
  • Have a hang over the next day... worth it!
  • Enjoy a 'hair of the dog' Bloody Mary from the tiki bar by the pool.
  • Have a relaxing pool day. Also, try a cannonball to cure said hangover.
  • After a little nap and quick shower, head out to find a golf cart (if there are any left!).
  • Finally find and rent a golf cart for the remainder of the day after your hustler friend tracks down one that is being returned (thanks, Court!).
  • Drive around aimlessly on the island looking at all the pretty lake houses.
  • Stop by a chocolate cafe that is also home of the cutest little biergarten for some chocolates, soft pretzels and beer (am I in heaven?).
  • Hop back on the golf cart and drive to the little beach area at the end of the island. (cue screensaver shot).
  • Hop back on the golf cart and head over to the Put-In-Bay Winery for some wine, cheese and pizza on the front lawn patio over looking the boat filled docks. 

  • After wine and dinner, why not get ice cream? This is vacation, right? (there's the cutest little ice cream shop next to the BayShore Resort. I can't find anything about it online! Must be a local hidden gem!)
  • Then, head back to the hotel by 9pm and realize that we can hang like we used to... And be completely ok with that!
  • Get in jammies and talk until 11pm like you're having a middle school sleep over. 
  • Enjoy a little fairwell breakfast by the lake before packing up to catch the jet express
  • Of course, stopping by the candy bar on your way to get some fudge and truffles to bring home to your husband for watching the kids all weekend. (Although, you'll most likely eat half of the fudge in the car...oops!)
  • Wave goodbye to all the boats on the water as you cruise back to Port Clinton on the jet express. Feel bad for all the hung over bachelorette party girls... But, not really because you are older and much wiser. 
  • Before leaving Port Clinton, you MUST have some fried walleye or perch baskets at Jolly Rogers. Three words : homemade tartar sauce (Opt for the onion rings instead of fries because you are classy and they are sooo good!)
  • Jam out to all the late 90s and early 2000's hits all the way back to Columbus.

Yep, I think we checked off everything on my list! All in all this was such a great little trip with my friends to recharge my batteries and let me know I can still have a little fun! I was happy to see my babes on Sunday night, of course!

If you have been to Put-In-Bay before, what are your must see/do attractions?

I hope this post helped if you are looking to plan a little girls' getaway to the island in the near future!


  1. Sounds like the perfect girls getaway and the perfect amount of time!

  2. A good girls' weekend is so necessary when you have kids. I fully believe that! I love everything about this including ALL of the delicious food and partying like a rock star ;)


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