Back to School, Back to School...

Camden is heading back to 'school' this week! We got him signed up with a 2 year old program (one more year until preschool) at a local church 2 days a week. I think he is so ready to be in a more social atmosphere and he loves to be around other kids. I'm sure he will love meeting his new friends and his teachers. I'm anxious to hear how his first day goes because he's been out of a classroom/daycare setting for over 7 months now, but I'm sure he will do just fine! 

His school days are Mondays and Thursdays, so my parents will still watch them 2 days a week (one day they will just have Bennett while Camden is at school) and Bill's mom watches the boys on Fridays. I have Mondays and Tuesdays off, so that will leave me with one day at home with just Bennett and one day with both of them. I feel like it is the perfect balance for everyone! Although it will be somewhat of an adjustment for everyone with the new schedule, I'm really looking forward to my one on one time with Bennett. I feel like I haven't been able to give him my full attention especially at this important stage (starting to walk, talk, etc). And running errands with one kid vs. two seems like a breeze!

 (a little fruit snack bribery for pictures goes a long way...)

Camden is at such a fun stage and growing so quickly! He's gone through a lot of milestones the past 6 months, one of which was transitioning to his big boy bed! He has done so well with this transition that it makes me hopeful for the big ones to come, mainly potty training! We started a while ago, but have since had a little regression. I'm hoping being back in a 'school' setting where he sees other kids using the potty and having his teachers help him will also help the process. Or, I just need to bite the bullet and do the naked for 3 days method! But, that will be the next big step for him. I'm hoping to plan some one on one time with him on the weekends when Bill can be with Bennett. Of course, we will have our little family outings, church, etc each weekend, but it would be nice to schedule a few hours of just mommy and Camden time. 

Now that I will be home with both of them for just one day per week, I really want to start planning fun activities for us to do each week. Weather it's just a playdate at the park or going to the zoo, etc. Just something that will be fun for all of us and to continue to create fun memories with them.

Now that the boys are close to being the same size (yep!), I love dressing them! Of course, I don't want them to feel too uncomfortable and they need to be able to move around. So, I try to look for cute comfy clothes for playtime. Some of my favorite stores for toddler clothes are Target, Old Navy, GapKids, Carter's, and most recently Kohl's! I love the Cat & Jack brand at Target. They have the best easy to mix and match play clothes. Old Navy is also my go to for easy tee shirts, shorts and pants. As far as shoes go, I found a great deal on these Stride Rite shoes for Camden at Kohl's, but you can also find them on Amazon. I'm also on the hunt for a cute pair of Nike's for him, but waiting for a good sale because I can't bare to think of spending more than $40 on a pair of toddler shoes?! However, I don't mind spending a bit more on Camden's clothes because I know as soon as he grows out of them, his brother will get a chance to wear them as well. 

Toddler moms: what are some of your favorite shops for kids' clothes and shoes?

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  1. He looks so adorable! Such a great way to get him ready for school in the next few years. I shop at all of the same places, but it's so frustrating how much harder boys' clothes are to find than girls.

  2. I love this time of year. Just so fun and refreshing! Your schedule for the week sounds pretty ideal and it's so amazing that the boys have both sets of parents to help out so consistently.

  3. Yay Camden!!! Hope his first day went well! And your schedule sounds pretty great, how awesome to have parents so close to help out!


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