Our Holiday Family Photos

We are really getting into the spirit of Christmas over here at the Rumple home! This weekend we wore Christmas jammies, made ornaments for the tree (and for gifts!), drank hot cocoa, played in the SNOW, and listened to the children's choir sing Christmas songs at church yesterday. Bill and I also watched Christmas Vacation Saturday night which is always a favorite holiday classic! On the list for this week is a trip to the zoo lights and possibly visiting Santa? I'm a little nervous to see how the boys do this year with their Santa visit! I'm definitely going armed with bribes (aka suckers and fruit snacks). 

Another Christmas bucket list item I was able to check off this weekend was sending out our Christmas cards. I've been having so much fun shooting and editing family photos (see more of my work on my photography facebook page), I knew that I wanted to attempt to take our family photos for our holiday cards. So, I called in for back up... aka my parents. I was able to adjust the settings of my camera and handed it over to my mom to take the photos and my dad was in charge of trying his best to get a smile out of the boys (or at least to just get them to look towards the camera). 

I am definitely pleased with how they turned out, even though Bennett was in somewhat of a 'mood' during the session. I'm so glad we were able to get some good family photos and some of just the boys as well! Of course, I had to attempt the 'mini tree on top of the cozy coupe' photo! The boys are at the perfect age for it!

I mean... they are just too good, right?!

I also wanted to get some good ones of Bennett before we unfortunately have to cut those curly, golden locks 😭

We even managed to get one good photo of just the two of us...

...right before this happened...

And because everyone loves a good blooper... here ya go!

Merry Christmas!!

Love, the Rumples!
(Bill, Lindsay, Camden and Bennett)


  1. Your pictures are seriously the cutest ever - you’re killing it with your photography/editing!

  2. These are SO good lady!!! I love three in the cozy coupe!


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