Gift Guide for Busy Moms

Let's face it. This #MomLife ain't easy... so we need a lot of things that help make it slightly easier on an everyday basis. Time, convenience, comfort... these are all things we wish we had more of! Well, these gadgets and gifts should help you with all 3! 

Also, feel free to forward this list on to the Santa's in your life so they stop bothering you with questions about what to get you for Christmas!

Here's a quick rundown of the list (shop these items at the bottom of the post by clicking on the image):

1. Fitbit: This is one thing that has been on my wish list for a while. For those moms that still like to squeeze in a work out a few times per week or just for those that like tracking steps, heart rate, sleep patterns, etc. There is so much this little wrist band can do. Also, might as well get a fancy pair of wireless headphones to go with it!

2. Day Designer 2018 Daily and Monthly Planner: I live and die by this planner on the daily (I actually have this same planner in the 2017/18 academic year)! I love that the daily sections have your day mapped out by the hour!! It has plenty of space for notes and even helps you plan meals! It is hands down the best planner I've ever used!

3. What to Eat Pad & All Out Of Pad: These 2 pads hang on the side of our fridge (yes, they come with magnets!) and have been so handy! I write out our meals for the week every Sunday and the 'All out of pad' is great to quickly check off items that we run out of. I also give it to Bill to mark off anything he wants from the grocery store before I make a run so there's no complaining that we don't have anything to eat!

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo: This would be a great little stocking stuffer! I like the travel sized option so you can throw one in your car, in your purse or in your gym bag! 

5. Temperature Control Travel Mug: Never worry about reheating your cold coffee again! Take it on the go and keep that cup of joe piping hot all the live long day!  

6. Instapot & Instapot Cookbook: Basically the new crockpot, but better! This is the new 'it' item when it comes to convenient cooking. There are so many ways to use this little pot! And don't forget to add the cookbook to your list as well! 

7. Black & Decker cordless hand vacuum: I've had so many friends recommend this thing for quick clean ups after toddler meals or just to quickly clean up little dust bunnies, crumbs, spills, etc that no doubt happen on the daily in our house. This one is actually on the top of my list!

8. Cell Phone Stand: This little gadget is the thing you never knew you needed. If I'm home with the boys, it always feels like I need an extra hand to hold my phone while talking, watching a video, etc. I would also use it while cooking if I'm looking up a recipe, it would be so easy just to have my phone on a stand to look at with out having to pick it up!

9. Comfy and Cute Zella Zip Pullover: This thing would probably be worn everyday if I had it. Cute zip detail neckline, flattering cut and hemline, thumb holes... check, check, check. Please come to my closet asap!

10. Zella High Waisted Leggings: I know... I probably have talked about these leggings on my blog about 1000000 times now. You get it! But seriously... you need them! They are thick and perfect for winter temps!!

11. Northface Water-Resistant Jacket with Fur trim: You guys... winter is coming... You know, that time of year when you have to cover every inch of your body except your face from the bitter cold? Yep. You're going to need this jacket for those carpools, playdates, school drop offs, grocery trips, etc etc.

12. Sorel Waterproof Snow Boot: You see... I live in the midwest where it snows... Sometimes a lot! And you need good boots to get through the winter! I have been using my Hunter boots with these sock inserts for a good 3 years now, but would love a pair of these cute fur trim snow boots as an upgrade!

13. Ugg Dakota Sunshine Slipper: Last, but not least, all moms want to do at the end of the day is change into our jammies, put on a good pair of comfy slippers and sip on a glass of wine... is that too much to ask? I'm loving the cute design of these Ugg slippers!

Other gift ideas not mentioned: Amazon Prime Membership (honestly, if you're a mom without this membership... I don't know how you survive?), gift certificate to their favorite nail salon or for a massage, Starbucks gift cards, and wine... lots of wine...

There you have it! I'm sure you can find something on this list for any mom on your shopping list! Or forward it on to the 'Santas' in your life so they know what to get you this year!

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