Prayers for Boston

I wanted to wait to post anything on the blog, but I have to touch on what happened in Boston yesterday. As a runner in the half marathon here in Columbus, OH this past October, I feel so saddened by these events. To know that these people have trained for countless hours, days, months for this particular event, just to have it smeared by ruthless, heartless acts of violence.
All there is to do now is pray...Pray for humanity. I often wonder when tragedies like this one occur, where is the love? Who could do this? What is going through their mind? The only conclusion I can come to is that this person (or persons) must not have been loved as a child. They must not be able to see all the wonderful things that life and love can bring. They must not believe in God. They must be lost soles. So, I pray for them. I feel sorry for them.
Please keep all that were affected in your thoughts and prayers.

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I will be back towards the end of the week with more emphasis on pretty things and happy thoughts to lighten our spirits and lift our heavy hearts.

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