Engagement Photos Part II // The Bloopers!

So, I have to show you some of the funny shots of our engagement session {with Sarah Gaylor of Love Junkies} because they really give you a feel for just how goofy we are together! I love Bill so much because he enjoys laughing at really stupid things just like me :) Most of the time he is laughing with me...I hope :)
 photo 2013-03-30102123-1_zpsd591b874.jpg
 So, let me go ahead and explain this one...I am obsessed with the show The Office (the earlier seasons with Michael Scott) and this is a reoccurring joke on the show. I have a problem with saying this line in public after the most random things...sometimes it just doesn't even make sense...This is kind of our inside joke and I had to incorporate it! I was planning on writing our wedding date on one of the chalkboard hearts too, but forgot the chalk :/
 photo 2013-03-30103106-1_zpsa423cd7a.jpg
I really don't know what got into us...maybe it was just the awkwardness of trying to act all romantic and serious, but we had a bad case of the giggles this day...

 photo 2013-03-30103150-1_zps52c13516.jpg
 photo 2013-03-30103541-1_zps16419189.jpg
Seriously, we could not stop giggling...
 photo 2013-03-30104039-1_zpsf25a787d.jpg

It seemed everyone really liked the Jeni's Ice Cream shop ones, so I'm adding a few in here...
 photo 2013-03-30104354-1_zps348305f2.jpg

That guy must have said something really funny??
Get ready for some weird, awkward, funny shots with ice cream...

 photo 2013-03-30104840-1_zpsf958ef56.jpg
Oh wait, it gets better... 

 photo 2013-03-30104904-1_zpsa6012e52.jpg
I'm not sure what we were thinking here...I think maybe it was supposed to be cute, but it just turned out funny!
 photo 2013-03-30110848-1_zps48ad6051.jpg
 More giggling...
 photo 2013-03-30111322-1_zps3c53187a.jpg

I was instructed to whisper in his ear and what did I say? "I'm hungry...I want a cheeseburger..." Literally, that is what I said. No joke. I'm so romantic!

 photo 2013-03-30112517-4_zpsb7b2f85d.jpg  
I'll end on a semi-cute one. Although, we both look cross eyed :)
I'm actually really happy Sarah captured these silly moments because it really displays our true personalities! Thanks again, Sarah! You are amazing!
That's all folks! I'll be back tomorrow with some Spring salad recipes!


  1. Haha these are cute. Bloopers are always my fave. :)

  2. Absolutely love these!! The bloppers from mine were my favorite too!! :)


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