Gold Spray Paint Obsessed...

So, I have a new obsession...and it's called gold spray paint...I got a little taste with the gold mason jar from this post and now I want to paint everything GOLD!
I went on a little Good Will haul last week and came up with some awesome finds including vases for an upcoming bridal shower, a TON of glassware that is perfectly vintage-chic to use for blog posts and photo shoots {I'm also thinking of starting a cocktail recipe series on here?} AND a handful of frames that I want to paint {you guessed it...} gold to use for decor for our wedding! All this for how much you ask? About $30! Can you believe it?!
Here are a few other decor accent Good Will finds that I decided to paint gold :)
 photo 28ea197d-cddc-446d-a85e-188a65e29919_zps85820d6b.jpg

You know those little glass candy bowls at Grandma's house or at the doctor's office? I'm sure you've seen them before...Well, I found 2 at Good Will for a dollar each and I thought they would be the perfect jewelry catch-all bowls.
 photo 41ca78bf-d10a-4b46-8371-61652d3f92cb_zps79ed5426.jpg
Look how pretty the pattern shows with the gold paint!
 photo 0a5f1f61-dd8f-4ac3-ad44-d1e6f1f8709c_zpsa9fca5b3.jpg
There's the secret weapon above. Krylon 18kt. Gold Plate.
 photo bcfa3a9d-9abb-4305-9c60-75cdef08b68d_zpsa06174c9.jpg
Here's the detail on the bottom. Pretty, right?
 photo eb0a8677-90ae-43d3-8927-a065fc1903e0_zps4cd327bb.jpg
The finished product {please excuse the messy desk in the background}.
I also spray painted this large vase...
 photo 999d6625-dd33-4467-b682-fba58fb6b93f_zps659de0ac.jpg
Can't you just picture some white tulips or an orchid billowing out of it? :)
On another note, I've been working on some cute decor for a little Cinco de Mayo dinner party for a few of my friends this week.

I made these cute Ole' straws for our margaritas :)
 photo a0dd8611-07b4-4109-a0e0-ae11f03bb4df_zps3f90e335.jpg
I will share more of the tablescape and some recipes later this week!
Until then, adios amigas!


  1. So neat.. how many coats of it did you use?? I have a few items in my house i wanna promote to gold ;)

  2. Looks awesome! I used that exact spray paint for my make up table & chair. I LOVE IT!


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