CAMDEN | 2 weeks!

Wow! We've made it through 2 weeks!
Camden had a weight check on Tuesday and he is up to 6 lbs, 6 oz! I'm so happy he is growing and is healthy! 

I have got to say, the newborn life is not easy and the sleep is minimal, but this little man makes it alllll worth it!! I don't have too many complaints and I think comparatively, he is a pretty easy baby. The first few nights and days he just slept a lot. To the point that we started getting worried. Then, from night 3 on he started waking up in the middle of the night between the 12am and 3am feedings and would just grunt around for hours. This is when I typically take him to the family room and put him in his swing and I take a midnight cat nap on the couch. 

Currently, we are still working on breastfeeding and so far it has been hit or miss. Sometimes he is able to latch for a bit, but then he falls asleep or gets fussy after a few minutes. Plus, I'm never sure how much he is getting when I breast feed and we are currently working on beefing up his weight. So, I've been pumping a lot and bottle feeding mostly. This has been great because Bill has been able to take some feedings during the day and at night for me to get some much needed extra zzz's or to get a few things done through out the house. Of course, cleaning the pumping parts is annoying, but I've been rinsing/soaking during the day and sterilizing with the Medela microwave bags once a day. It really hasn't been too bad. I also purchased extra parts to make things a little easier (totally recommend doing this if you are pumping).

We've had a lot of visitors and Cam loves to be held by everyone! Anytime we have people over he just melts in their arms and falls asleep. Everyone tells us he is the sweetest baby and we don't really disagree. 

He sleeps in the Rock n Play by our bed on my side at night and naps in the swing during the day. We are also starting to try out the crib for some naps during the day and we have been pretty successful! I'm not quite ready to put him in there over night. Mostly because every time I put him in the crib I have to constantly be staring at the monitor and will check on him every 5 mins to make sure he's still breathing... Does this motherly worrying ever get better?


LIKES | His wubbanubs (we have 2 - the puppy and the blue bear)! I had to give it to him in the photo above just to get him to stay still. Boyfriend loves those things! The Rock n Play and the Graco swing for naps. Also loves to lie on mommy's chest for cat naps and loves to be held. His hands! He loves to have his hands on his face at all times, which can be a little concerning. I don't want him to scratch himself so I've been putting him in these long sleeve onsies with the mitten cuffs on the ends a lot. The mittens I got just fall off of him. He loves to look at faces. If you get close enough to him and stare and talk, he will stare back at you and it is the most adorable thing! He loves to have his back rubbed too. This will put him to sleep and make him coo. 

DISLIKES | Being swaddled. This is very saddening, especially since both Bill and I have mastered the perfect swaddle. However, little Houdini will find a way to get his hands out every time. Then he just grunts around until we unswaddle him. So, we are going to try the Halo sleepsacks and I just ordered some Summer Infant Saddlemes. Hopefully, these will work better. He also hates being naked and changed. He gets a little fussy after eating sometimes and we are thinking it's just his way of working through some gas/digestion issues. He is getting better when we change his diaper.

His ambilical cord just fell off his belly button, so we are going to try his first bath this week...
Wish us luck!


  1. He is so adorable! I just want to snuggle him! So glad things are going well :)

  2. yahh! im glad the first two weeks went well. and good to know that you use the rock n play for him to sleep in at night -- that's what we plan on using. keep us posted on those swaddles! i have a halo and summer swaddle, so im curous to see how they work out. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Love the update, he is so precious!! Love that little fox outfit on him! Glad to hear the rock n play is working for y'all, we just got ours in the mail yesterday.

  4. He is so sweet and adorable!!! He's so darn cute!!

  5. He is delicious!!! The mothering thing never gets better but the nursing definitely does! I love when they sleep all scrunched up with their hands around their faces! Both of mine did that until about six months old or so. Good luck with the bath :)

  6. He is so so precious!! It sounds like you're doing great. The motherly worry never goes away!! I'm pretty sure I'll be worrying about my boys even when they're grown up with their own families :) Nursing is hard in the beginning when they're so small and sleepy but it gets much easier. The sleep deprivation is such a hard adjustment!! Like everything else that gets better too. At 4 weeks Matthew just started doing 4 hour stretches. It's amazing how good 4 straight hours feels. Miller hated being swaddled- we tried everything and then just gave up and he slept fine. He had to have his hands up by his face to sleep and still sleeps like that to this day!


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