CAMDEN // one month!

One month?! Where has the time gone?

If I'm being honest, I have to say I'm glad we got through the first month. I feel like it must be the most difficult of the first year. I think we have just now started to figure out his quirks and we have a pretty good schedule down (with some flexibility). 

Weight: 7 pounds, 10.5 oz (up 2 lbs since birth!)
Height: 21 inches (up 3.5 since birth!)
(Stats from 1 month appointment on 12/19/14)

Eating: 100% breast milk from a bottle about every 3 hours. He is currently taking 2.5 - 3 oz per bottle, but we may be upping the amount since he seems to be hungry for more! I pump about every 3-4 hours and I'm able to keep up with supply for him. However, if we up his amount, I may have to supplement with one formula bottle per day. I'm hoping my supply will adjust to the increase and we will not have to do that. We are using Dr. Brown's bottles which I have noticed his gas issues seem to have decreased since this switch.

Sleeping: sleeps between 1.5 - 2 hours at a time. Any tips for longer stretches at night welcome! He sleeps either in the Rock n Play or the swing in the family room while one of us sleeps on the couch. Sometimes if he's really fussy, we will sleep with him on our chest on the couch (very rarely though as we do not want to get him used to sleeping this way!) He has taken several long naps in his crib during the day, but I'm still nervous to have him in there at night when I'm not staring at the monitor the whole time! Hopefully, I will get over the worry and we can start having him sleep in his crib soon!

Clothes: Still wearing NB, but starting to fill out the Carter's brand. I've noticed he's a little too long for some of the footed onesies, so we may have to wear 0-3 mo very soon for those.

Diapers: We love Pampers Swaddlers (he is in NB size). I've tried Luvs and we like Pampers better. I have some Honest Co. diapers that I have not tried yet. 

Wipes: Pampers are the best hands down. I've tried a lot of different brands such as Huggies, Target and Honest Co. and I like Pampers the best.

Likes: Sleeping (when he does fall asleep), eating, snuggling/being held, wubbanubs and Nuk pacifiers, being swaddled and rocked to soothe to sleep, being sang to, faces, his hands, being on his side and tummy, tummy time!, burping (he's had some good ones!), messing brand new diapers right after mom or dad changes him, Rock n Play and the swing

Dislikes: Being too hungry, changing clothes, having gas/reflux, being swaddled if he's not tired.

This little reindeer has grown so much! He is up 2 lbs and over 3 inches since he was born. I credit that to his appetite! This boy can take down a bottle with the best of them! He is currently being fed 100% breast milk from a bottle. I have officially started exclusive pumping over the past few weeks. It is difficult and a lot more time consuming than breastfeeding (mostly because I have to pump every 3/4 hours and the extra cleaning of parts and bottles), but it is what works for us and Cam so we are going with it. It is nice that Bill can help with the feedings though. 

He is still letting us know every 3 hours that he is hungry. This boy's body is like clockwork! Bill and I have been splitting up the night time feedings so we can each get at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night (I can't get much more because I have to pump at least every 4 hours). I'm hoping we can start to stretch out those night time feedings very soon!

He has been a happy/content baby most of the time and really only cries when he's hungry, when he's got gas or when I'm changing his clothes. He is a great sleeper during the day! His "witching hours" are 1am - 5am. He is randomly awake during this time which is why mommy feels like a zombie during the day. Bill usually takes over about 4/5am so I can get my 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. we take turns sleeping on the couch with Camden in the Rock n Play so we both aren't up all night. I am hoping to get his nights and days switched around here soon! Any tips on this are welcome!

Postpartum update: I lost about 25 lbs after the first few weeks after Camden was born. I'm pretty sure that was mostly liquids/water weight since I swelled up pretty good towards the end of my pregnancy. I have a good 15 - 20 lbs to go to get to my comfortable weight or prepregnancy weight (yep, you can do the math...). As I am still recovering from the C section, I'm not able to be too active yet but, am hopeful I will get the green light to start working out after my 6 week Dr appointment the first week of January. My diet has consisted of mostly food that visitors have brought over and pizza because I'm too exhausted to cook, which is not helping the weight loss! However, I'm pumping so I want to keep my calories up in order to produce enough milk supply. I'm going to try to get on a healthy diet after the holidays. Stay tuned for more progress in the upcoming months...

I'm hoping to post some of our one month favorite products very soon!
Merry Christmas week!


  1. Healthy boy!! And rockstar mama pumping for him! That is hard work girl so you deserve a lot of praise! I hope he starts sleeping more for you, that always seems to start happening around six weeks (soon!!) He's soooo cute!!

  2. I can't believe it's already been one month! Time goes tooooo fast. He is such a little cutie and I'm glad things are going so well!

  3. You are doing great! You can do this. I must admit I am reading between the lines a bit and you seem a little overwhelmed- that is totally okay! I think it's the lack of sleep that really had me when my girl was a newborn. I felt like I would have been way less stressed if I could just sleep! But, they don't let you. ;) My daughter was the same- never slept longer than 2 hours, and i nursed with no pumping (looking back, I wish I had pumped more) This went on for about 10 weeks (?) Trust me, it gets better! And I know pumping is hard! Way to go for doing it, but don't beat yourself up if you have to supplement. Anyway....I know I am just a stranger from the internet, but you can do this! You will get to sleep more soon!

  4. I can't believe he is already 1 month!! He is growing so fast & is too cute!! Sounds like y'all are doing pretty good - as good as you can with a newborn! Don't fret over the weight loss (but who am I to say, I'm sure I will! Lol!) but... It will all come off eventually!! Hope y'all have a very Merry Christmas!!

  5. Sounds like he is doing great, I'm so impressed you're able function on such little sleep! Hopefully he gets better about sleeping overnight for y'all! He's such a little cutie :) Good for you with all of that pumping, you're a champ!

  6. Go you - pumping is no joke!! He's such a little cutie!!! Love seeing pictures of him!

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  8. He is seriously so cute!!!!! You are doing so great!! I plan to exclusively pump with this baby too, I like to be able to visually see how much they are eating! I had cooper sleeping through the night at 6 weeks so here is what worked for us, don't let him sleep more then 2 hours during the day for each nap (I think we did three naps during the day),,when he would wake up from a nap he would eat, play, and then nap.. before bed I would give him his bath (which would exhaust him), give him his bottle and put him right to bed. If he ever woke in the middle of the night, i would give him a small bottle (don't pick him just give it to him as he is laying down). Also, as he began to eat more, I would supplement some formal but mix it with breast milk too so he was getting both! Hope that helps!!!! Keep it up, you will get sleep again, I promise!!!

  9. you are doing great mama! i can't imagine how exhausting it is for him to wake up every 4 hours and need to be fed (guess i should start taking my naps now!) im glad you and bill have a schedule down tho, im sure that helps. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  10. Can't believe he's 1 month already!! (I know I'm a little late) The first month is by far the hardest and biggest adjustment but it gets much easier week by week. You are a rock star for exclusive pumping!!! Pumping is not easy or fun. I'm sorry he doesn't sleep long stretches yet, maybe try keeping him awake more during the day and establish a nighttime routine starting now. Miller was a HORRIBLE sleeper and I blame it on not having a consistent nighttime routine. I was also a terrified new mom and wouldn't move him to his own room until he was 14 weeks old. We all started to sleep better once he was in his own room and once I finally established a nighttime routine at 5-6 months he started to sleep through the night more and more. It's so hard to feel comfortable those first few weeks with them alone in the crib in their room. Matthew and Miller both loved sleeping on my chest, which is probably another thing I did wrong with Miller so I'm trying to be better about that with Matthew. But at the same time if they're happy on my chest I don't want to move them since they don't stay small forever. Sorry for the long rant! He's adorable and hang in there mama!!


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