Life Lately...

Life has definitely changed for the better. My world has turned upside down since the day we brought little Cam home from the hospital. We've had a lot of visitors, which is so nice. And we've enjoyed our time together as a family of 3 (well, 4 if you include Charlie). 

On Friday night, Bill, Camden, Charlie and I spent the evening cozy on the couch watching the Muppet's Christmas Carol. I am in full Christmas spirit these days! I'm so excited to spend this Christmas with baby Camden!

I'm just loving our Christmas tree and mantel! Our first family outing was a trip to go get our tree. I just love having a real Christmas tree in the house. The smell is amazing! 

I was able to get out of the house solo for a few hours this past weekend, so what did I do? Got a mani and pedi of course! I needed a little pampering in my life! I got a pretty deep red color gel mani, perfect for the holidays.

We also recently gave Camden his first bath. Let me tell you, he does NOT like to be wet and naked! He wailed the whole time and it took both of us to hold down his wiggly little body to wash him. After that stressful experience, I spent the next hour just holding him and rocking him to sleep. I felt so bad! Hopefully, he will get better with the bath!

Saturday night, we watched Ohio State crush Wisconsin in the Big 10 Championship game! I celebrated with a glass of wine too! Perfect night!

Saturday was Camden's due date! Crazy to think he could have still been in my belly at this point! I'm so glad he has joined our lives a little early :) 

That's all for now!

I'm hoping to start getting back into a routine of blogging again now that we have established a pretty good schedule. I've definitely missed the blogging world!

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  1. Beautiful share and what a gorgeous baby congrats! love the jumper!

  2. Camden is beyond adorable! You look amazing, too! I love that red polish, and you need some regular alone time (keeps me sane!)

  3. Your stockings and your mug are too cute! And so is the newest member of your family! Happy Monday!

  4. Camden is the cutest little thing! Sounds like a fun weekend. And glad you got a mani in and a glass of wine.

  5. We've missed you too girl!! I'm sure the holidays this year are going to be the best ever!! Little Camden is just the cutest - seriously he just gets cuter every day!

  6. aww camden is the cutest!! im glad you were able to treat yourself to a manicure! you deserve it mama. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. Seriously could he be anymore gorgeous???? That little stocking is the sweetest thing ever! I'm glad you got some time to get out and have some me time so important!

  8. Your Christmas decorations look so good! Love that your first family outing was to get a tree :) He's so cute, I think I would just sit and rock him all day long!

  9. Your baby is SO sweet - and bath time will get easier. I promise!

    Your mantel is ADORABLE - I love his little stocking! DAWWWWWWW!!!!!

    We are still decorating our tree - we just got it yesterday!


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