Thoughts for Thursday || Confessions

Let's have a good old fashion confession sesh, shall we?

1. I confess... That I've been a terrible blogger this week, thus the confession post today! I totally have been caught up in my little day to day mommy/wife/worker bee world. I really want to spend more time here in my little creative space. I definitely plan on carving out some more quality blogging time next week! I even have a fall outfit post scheduled!

2. I confess... That I finally cleaned out my jewelry armoire and was able to sell and donate a lot of old costume (read: Forever 21) jewelry. It feels good to purge all my old stuff! I really want to start buying classic, high quality jewelry pieces that will last longer.

3. I confess... That I've been trying to feed Camden more bits of real food and it's been very slow going. He is very cautious about new foods, which I guess is a good thing? We've tried banana, shredded mozzarella cheese, bits of whole grain waffles, bits of whole grain toast with avocado, and steamed/cooked green beans. He is still working on the hand to mouth coordination and I'm trying to be patient! He really enjoys dropping the food on the ground for our dog Charlie to eat... :/

4. I confess... I'm currently training for a half marathon in October and I use the term 'training' very loosely. I ran once so far this week and I have a 9 mile run planned for tomorrow with a running buddy. The longest run I've completed recently is 5 miles. Say a little prayer for me!

5. I confess... I've been stalking a lot of my fashion blogger IG accounts for ideas on what to buy for my fall wardrobe. I recently realized that my fall and winter clothes are lacking because this time last year I was very pregnant and only wore maternity leggings or jeans for the last 3 months of my pregnancy. I am in desperate need of a fall shopping spree!

6. I confess... That I purchased these booties during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, but they didn't fit and when I went to return them, they were out of my size. So, when I found this pair from Express in my size I was very happy! They are very comfortable and the price tag is nicer than the Vince Camuto pair!

7. I confess... That I am officially excited for fall, although it's been so hot and muggy here in Columbus this week! I am so ready for fall temps!

8. I confess... That I may have wandered into Hobby Lobby this week with the intentions of buying all the fall decor, but then left because I felt like it was still too soon... I think I'm ready to go back and buy this chalk board sign now...

Now it's your turn! What do you confess?

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  1. I need that pumpkin spice sign!! So cute! And I actually like the Express booties even better than the Nordies one so yay!

  2. Sophie is number 3 on the last part, she just gives her food to the cat now. The cat loves it. How exciting is half marathon? You got this! Even if you run slowly, you still ran.

    I'm in love with that pumpkin chalkboard sign. Seriously I have to restrict myself from going to hobby lobby because I will just buy everything.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  3. I love that sign and I love Hobby's a dangerous though ;) Also, nice job cleaning out your jewelry!!

  4. Love that pumpkin spice sign! So ready for fall - last week's cool temps were such a tease and now we're hot and muggy again.

  5. That pumpkin spice sign is the cutest! You need to get that. Blogging is hard work - ever since my daughter started school I feel like I'm so off schedule and just don't have enough time which is weird because I only have one kid at home.

  6. im SOOO excited for fall too :) i cant wait for cooler weather. and i totally need to purge my jewelry and get rid of all the old cheap stuff i never wear. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. ps i love those booties! did the express ones run TTS?

    1. Yes, they do! They don't have half sizes though, fyi.

  8. I know, it's so hard to get TOO excited for fall when it's in the 90's. I saw pumpkins outside the grocery store yesterday and thought...."tiny bit too soon." :)

  9. Girl, I hear you about all the fall stuff - I bit the bullet today and bought a scarecrow and mums for our front yard. I just couldn't help myself! Also, love the booties that you found at Express - what a steal! I found your blog through Katie (Katie Elizabeth), so excited to start following along! :)


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