Camden || 10 months!

(onesie was a gift from Bill's co-worker, but you can order one similar here)

There's no way my baby is 10 months? Just yesterday he was a wrinkly little newborn and now he's only 2 months away from turning one?! This can't be...

Our little Buckeye had a very busy month! He is busting a move and trying to get to everything he is not supposed to. He started getting up on all fours this months and also standing with his play table and holding onto furniture. He also grabs at everything. If you have a drink in your hand, forget it... He's going after it! He also took his first over night vacation with us to Put-In-Bay and slept in his pack n play. He was such a great little travel buddy!

He's also become quite the foodie (taking after his parents). We started feeding him more 'real' food this month and some of his favorites are oatmeal with banana/fruit, yogurt, cheese (shredded), sweet potatoes and butternut squash. He has also been chewing on some steam broccoli stems here and there and doesn't hate it! I've been trying to make more food for him and to start weening him off of the baby food, but he still loves his purees. We are down to 4 bottles a day, but the ones during the day are starting to dwindle. He still chugs his morning and night time bottles like a champ!

Naps have gone down to 2 per day! Thank you for those that commented on his 9 month update about dropping the 3rd nap. It is really helped and he now takes a 1.5 - 2 hour nap in the afternoon! He is still sleeping a solid (like, on the dot) 12 hours at night, going to bed by 6:30-6:45pm and waking up around 6:30am. Those early morning wake up calls are rough, but I (we) love our grown up time/me time for a solid 3ish hours at night. This time helps me wrap up work projects, blogging and house chores before the end of the day.

I'm going to keep this update a little shorter than the norm, just because I feel as though they sound really similar the past few months!

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful, adorable little guy in our lives! I really can't believe it's been 10 months since I held his little 5 lb 13 oz newborn body in my arms!! He is growing up way too fast!

I love you my sweet boy!

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  1. I can't believe how fast he is growing up! He looks like the sweetest, happiest baby!!

  2. He is getting so big!! Love your snaps of him, so cute! :) I can't believe he will be a year old soon, slow down time!

  3. such a cutie!! violet usually only does two naps a day too...when she gets that third one in the angels sing! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. He is getting so big!! When Sophie was about she dropped her second nap last year at 10 months I about cried. She never really napped 3 times a day. However, I think she's still napping the same amount just in one long chunk now. She went from napping about 1-1.5 hours to now a solid chunk of at least 2-3 hours in her one nap.

    Has he always gone down so early? We're trying to move Sophie's wake up and go to bed time to earlier, but she just fights it like crazy. She goes down for about 8pm and wakes up about 8:30-9:30am. I'd like it to be more 7pm-7am because eventually she'll need to get up earlier for school and daycare.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

    1. When we started his 'sleep training' around 3-4 months, we started with a 7:30 bedtime. It has slowly moved up to 6:30 because he gets tired and cranky around this time at night! I think it's just his own internal clock! Maybe try to wake her up a bit earlier in the morning and see if she will go down earlier at night? Or make sure the last nap isn't too late in the day?

  5. Aww happy 10 months to your little man! Our guy is 11 months...a year next week! Ahhhh! It is crazy how quickly the time flies :)

  6. I can't believe Camden is already 10 months old!! He is so handsome!! I'm going to have to go back & read his 9 month post because I'm thinking we are nearing the time to drop the 3rd nap during the day. But, we have a bunch of new things going on right now so, I don't know what to do! HA!


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