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Friday Finds | Amazon + A Few New Beauty Products

Happy Friday! We made it!! I wanted to quickly share with you some things I found this week from Amazon and a few new beauty products. 

(plush knit tunic sweatshirt (on sale for 50% off!) | leggings | slippers )

First up are these high waisted compression leggings that are very comparable to my Zella leggings and are half the price! They have great reviews and run true to size! You can get a 2 pack as well for $45, even better value! 

In that same Amazon order I got a 2 pack of these sports bras which are so comfortable! They come with removable padding cups too which I like. I wouldn't say these are good for running if you need more support, but if you just need a comfortable sports bra these are great! And, only $19 for a pack of 2 with prime shipping!! 

I also ordered a couple health/beauty products from Amazon that came this week. I just started taking these Collagen Peptides and I've heard only great things about them from friends and other bloggers. They are supposed to help with skin, hair and nail growth, joints, and the list goes on! And each serving has 18 grams of protein so it helps me get my protein in for the day. I just mix a scoop into my coffee in the morning (and also add my favorite sugar free creamer) and it dissolves and is tasteless. I also just received this pack of charcoal tooth brushes! I have been wanting to try out the charcoal toothpastes or powder to help whiten my teeth, but then I found this pack of 5 toothbrushes for $10 and I thought I would start there to see if it helps. I will report back after I've used them!

A few other new beauty products I've been using are this anti-redness BB Cream and this eyeliner that I use for my waterline. First, this anti-redness bb cream is SO good for those that tend to get a red tint to their skin in the winter time like me. This is caused by the dry air and my skin is so dry in the winter and tends to be more irritated. This BB cream helps to color correct the red tone and transforms to a universal shade to match your skin tone. I just rub this into my face and either wear it by itself or under my foundation if I'm doing full make up for the day. 

This Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner I bought as a recommendation from Jen (The Sister Studio) who raves about it as a great waterline pencil. I bought this set when she mentioned it was on sale for only $14.99! You get the pencil and a mascara in the set. The eyeliner itself is $21 normally! So this is a great value! 

That's all I have for this week's Friday Finds! Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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  1. I need to get that BB cream immediately! And I love collagen peptides! They are the easiest way to get protein!

  2. I love your blog!!It is fantastic!


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